Friday, 16 December 2011

Instagram + Life Updates

Life update through photos on Instagram. Do you guys have it? If you do comment with your username so I can follow you, otherwise my username is @circustiger. I love it! 

Left to right: 1. The Flaming Lips @ Harvest, 2. Conor Oberst @ Harvest, 3. Daisy Print Shorts, 4. Moving house, 5. ACDC Lighter, 6. Moustache Bandaids from Urban Outfitters, 7. Reciepts, 8. Skinny Cow Icecream, 8. Stormy Sky, 9. My new clothes room, 10. O.P.I on my toes, 11. Hair Treatment 12. Laundromat, 13. Nike Free Runs I want, 14. Skirt I bought, 15. Boyfie, 16. Mint Water, 17. Cosmo, 18, Makeup before Bright Eyes, 19. Outfit before Bright Eyes, 20. Cocktails, 21. Bright Eyes, 22. Cider, 23.  Cider, 24. Macbook love, 25. Sad Face, 26. Pretty Little Liars Book, 27. Vinyl Collection

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend! 

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

The Iconic

Hey everyone, I'm so sorry I've be absent on here I have been so busy moving house, and we've had no internet for a while (bad excuses but oh well I'm here now.)

Today I wanted to share a post about a new Australian online shopping site called The Iconic (like we need more temptations right? haha) that has launched in the last couple of months that brings us brands like Bluejuice, Ksubi, Minkpink, Stylestalker, Lonely Hearts, Wildfox and Shakuhachi just to name a few of the many brands they have on offer. The range they have is insane, they have items for all price ranges and tastes from the casual girl to the more fashion forward, they even have clothing for men. I know I've already picked out a couple of  key items I'm going to buy.

Here is a bit of what The Iconic say about themselves:

THE ICONIC is Australia's newest and most exciting online destination for fashion and
foot wear and was launched approximately a month ago. Bringing you an Australian lens on global trends, THE ICONIC will offer the best in men's and women's global fashion and footwear.

Guided by fashion expert and former Project Runway Australia judge Sarah Gale, THE
ICONIC will feature regular trend reports, style tips and everything you need to know to
create the best looks. "I'm so excited to be part of this new venture. It's wonderful to be able
to showcase the best Australian talent and international labels on this new platform. Online
retail is definitely the future within this industry," Sarah said.

Pretty cool hey?  I've used the site a couple times and found it really easy to navigate, I really don't like when online stores don't have buttons where you can limit  the search of what you are looking for like size, colour, type etc. So I'm glad they incorporated this in, because it makes for an easier online shopping experience.

Below I've put together some of my favourite items from the store, things I will be getting my hands on in the future.

Woodford & Co, Indian Tank $68.95
Silent Theory, Basic Oversized L/S Tee $39.95
Finders Keepers, Santa Monica Dream Playsuit $99.95
Diavolina, Willie $119.95 
Therapy, Jagger Flatform $29.95
Ladakh, Illusionist Romper $69.95
Living Doll, Marrakech Skirt $54.95 

These are some of my favourite items from The Iconic, the best part is they do nationwide free shipping, and if you sign up to their mailing list you can get a $10 Voucher to use on the store. You can check out The Iconic Here!

Has anyone ever checked out The Iconic? What are your favourite items?
Let me know what you think of it, talk soon!

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Update: Brisbane, Bright Eyes & instagraming...

Hi! Just a quick update to show you girls a bit of what Katelyn and I got up to while we went away to Brisbane to see the amazing Bright Eyes.
Hope you enjoy.

  1. Katelyn driving us into the city
  2. Eyebrow threading..
  3. Quick OOTD
  4. Us before going to see Bright Eyes
  5. Pre-drinks with Katelyn & Jade
  6. Bright Eyes!!!
  7. Jade and I
  8. Simple NOTD
  9. Brunch with Jade
  10. My first macaroons
  11. Self portrait....ha
  12. Flying home at sunset
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Let me know if you like these types of posts so I can do more - I am addicted to instagram!

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Stila Naturaleyes Eyshadow Palette

A while ago my sister went overseas and I gave her a list of things I wanted her to get me I asked for the Urban Decay Naked Palette and it was sold out at the Sephora she went to. So she got me the Stila Naturaleyes Eye shadow Palette instead and I'm so glad she did. This palette is seriously amazing, I'm a really big fan of neutral eyes and a bold lip so this is the perfect palette for me. As you can tell by the pictures this palette gets a fair bit of use, in fact they're the only eye shadows besides my Buxom shadow that I actually use anymore. (picture time)

TR L to R top row: Bare, Kitten, Bliss, Sunset, Sandstone
BR L to R: Champagne, Gilded Gold, Luster, Night Sky, Ebony & Smudge Stick Eyeliner in Damsel
The best part about these shadows are that they are so pigmented I can use a really tiny bit on a brush and it will show up perfectly on my eyes. All the colours are amazing as well especially 'Night Sky' I love that it has little bits of blue glitter mixed with the charcoal eye shadow it looks extremely pretty used  for a smokey eye and I love that it's not such a matte finish. Another great thing about this palette is that it comes with a little book that teaches you how to do different looks using all the different eye shadows, it is really handy especially for beginners who are just getting into playing around with different things. I love the fact that this palette has some of the most coveted Stila colours, and the smudge stick it comes with are constantly talked about. I have to say I absolutely love the smudge stick, it is extremely waterproof and it's so smooth and creamy to apply and, I definitely want a few more of these. The only thing I disliked about the smudge stick was that I wound it too far and it broke off so I lost a bunch of product which I was pretty gutted about. 

I have compared this to my sister's naked palette (which was so conveniently in stock at the other Sephora she went to) and I'm going to say I am so happy I have the Stila palette. I think the Stila palette works a lot better in it's natural form because the eye shadows are quite soft, where as the UD Naked Palette works best when the product is used wet (that's my opinion anyway). I think the only thing that get's points down on this product for me is the packaging, I just think it could be a little more sturdy. But in saying that I definitely 100% recommend this palette to anyone who is looking for a neutral eye palette. It comes with everything you need and if you can get your hands on one I'd say do it! It's perfect for beginners as well as it does come with the book and it has a decent amount of shades. It comes at a price of $39 US with a huge $118 value, you can get it at Sephora or if you're an Aussie like me with no friends or family in the states I'm afraid it's going to cost double just like everything else. You can get it from Mecca Cosmetica for a massive price of $80 AUD. It is quite expensive in Australia but honestly it is so worth it, and I'm glad my sister got it for me.

Has anyone else tried any Stila products? What did you think, or would you buy this? 

Friday, 11 November 2011

OOTD: I've Got A Crush On You!

Hi Girls, this outfit is just something fun and comfy I threw together on Sunday when I was out and about. I blogged about it awhile ago but I bought some Wildfox shirts and they finally arrived and they are amazing, the one I'm wearing in this outfit is so lightweight, comfy and it's  the perfect size, totally in love. I've worn this shirt so much lately, and washed it so many times and it hasn't lost shape or anything so I was really pleased. 
I'm wearing it with this bright panel skirt from Temt and my leopard loafers which I'm also in love with. 

I entered this outfit in a competition that Dotti is running called 'style nation' where you upload your outfit to be in the running to win a voucher for Dotti. It would be so so awesome if you could vote for me, to vote go to 'Style Nation here' it would mean a lot. <3

Shirt: Wildfox, Skirt: Temt, Loafers: Dotti, Necklace: Diva, Sunglasses: Equip, Lipstick: Hello Kitty

Hope everyone else is having a lovely week, it's almost the weekend yay, what is everyone up to this weekend? 

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Benefit: Finding Mr Bright

Awhile ago I got the Benefit Finding Mr Bright kit, if you know me well enough you'll know that I'm obbsessed with Benefit products and the packaging so this was a must have for me. Inside is four sample size Benefit products. Posie Tint, High Beam highlighter, Erase Paste concealer and Girl Meets Pearl liquid pearl for face. It also comes with a little book with ideas and tips for product usage. I want to go through these products individually to let you all know what I think. (see below for individual review)

Posie Tint: This is the pink version of the famous 'Bene Tint' I find this product is perfect on both lips and cheeks but you do have to be quick to blend otherwise it will dry and won't be too forgiving as it is a stain. I also love the little brush and it's perfect for applying to both lips and cheeks and the colour is absolutely gorgeous. 

High Beam: This is probably my favourite product of the pack. To apply it's simple as, inside it has a little brush and you can just dab it on your face in a few different places and then blend. It blends really easy, and the colour of it can either be really bright or quite subtle. I like to wear this with a bit of bronzer for glowing skin. 

Erase Paste: I've always wanted to try this product, when I first opened it I was a little disappointed and scared at the colour of it. It came across quite orange in the pot something I don't need in a concealer. After actually using the product I discovered it wasn't so orange and was actually quite nice and it covers blemishes really well. It is quite thick, which is what I like in a concealer but if you are really pale or like a lighter concealer I wouldn't recommend this product in this shade. 

Girl Meets Pearl: The first thing I want to say about Girl Meets Pearl is it smells amazing, like a weird sour candy or something I really can't pick what it is but I love it. It's a pearly pinky/peachy colour and looks great over the cheeks and I've actually used it all over my face once and it made my skin really glowy. Even though it is pink/peach when it comes out it doesn't necessarily make your face that colour when you put it on, which I really like and it's nice and thin and leaves my skin with a pretty glow. 

Overall, I am in love with this kit and I am so glad I decided to get it, I use one or more of these products every day and I would definitely buy the full size of every single one of these. I also can't get over how gorgeous the packaging of Benefit products are it makes me want to buy so much more. If you want a kit that is for highlighting I would definitely recommend you try this one out. 

Does anyone else love Benefit as much as me? Or has anyone else tried any of these products or some other great Benefit ones? Let me know I love hearing what other people think of brands I love. 

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Lust Have It October!

So it is the last day of October and I am finally getting around to doing my Lust Have It post. I couldn't do my September Lust Have It box because one of the nail varnishes broke while it was on the way to me and went everywhere! Luckily there were no nail varnish in this box. Anyway, onto what IS in this months box....

Lancome - Genifique Youth Activator
Limelily Cosmetics - Cream Blush in "Naked"
Lush - Honey I Washed the Kids soap
Taut - Collagen Orange Drink
and six assorted Kerastase sachets which include shampoo, treatment & reconstructor milk.

I'm mostly looking forward to the Honey I Washed the Kids soap - as soon as I opened the box it was all I could smell, I've wanted to try this for ages and it smells so yummy. There are a few other products I am looking forward to in this box and that is the Lancome samples and the Kerastase sachets. I have always wanted to try Kerastase after hearing all the good reviews about their hair products. Katelyn said she had tried the Kerastase samples and really liked them so I'm excited to see what I think about them. 

I like that Lust Have It included a blush, I think it looks really pretty and I'm always looking forward to trying new makeup brands. 

Now about that Collagen Drink, apparently Dannii Minogue swears by it. But I am not so sure, I think it smells a bit off...I will probably end up trying it just because I can but it's not something I would go out and buy, the thought of drinking shark cartilage kinda freaks me out.  

All in all, once again I am very impressed with the products in this months box, it's probably almost time for my November box - haha. 

Did you get this months Lust Have It Box? What was your favourite sample?

If you missed out and would like to get next months go to Lust Have It! website and order yours!

Friday, 28 October 2011

Leopard Loafers + 100 Followers

Hey everyone, so you'll know if you read my last post that I was going to Brisbane to see Lucero (full post coming later). Anyway I did a fair bit of shopping whilst I was down there and these are two of my favourite purchases. For awhile now I've wanted a pair of leopard loafers, I've been seeing them everywhere and new I had to get my hands on some. To my surprise when I walked into Dotti there they were hanging with a pair of red ones. I of course picked up the first pair of size 10's I could find and tried them on. At first they were a little tight (because I'm a Sasquatch) but I couldn't pass them up and most shoes usually stretch out anyway. 
I wore them with a navy pair of trousers from Myer and a white over sized Wrangler singlet, it was comfy for walking around West End but also I think it was still pretty cute. 

The other item that I am absolutely in love with is this fluro greeny/yellow satchel from Sportsgirl. It's the perfect size, it's fits everything I need in it. The only flaw with this bag is the strap it isn't stuck on permanently and I found when I was walking a few times the strap kept coming undone which caused the bag and all of my belongings inside to hit the ground. Not cool when you're walking through a sea of people scrambling all over the ground to pick everything up. I obviously bought a lot more but wanted to show you these because I'm absolutely obbsessed, in fact I wore the loafers last night when I worked on the door for Cold Chisel haha. 

Bag: Sportsgirl - $14.95
Loafers: Dotti - $49.95

On another exciting note, we have reached 100 followers, so I'd like to thank everyone for following and commenting and just being lovely in general. Thank you so much! We will be doing a giveaway for all you lovely followers in the next few weeks, so keep your eyes peeled, and thanks again for the support! 

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Hello Sunshine - N.O.T.D!

I have recently been LOVING bright nails. I was inspired by the post Katelyn did last week with the yellow nails. I know mine aren't a "neon" yellow but I really like this colour I created. Firstly I used Rimmel nail polish in Lemon Drop (I think it is one of their new colours for spring) it is basically just a pale lemony yellow. The Rimmel colour does go on very streaky but with a couple of coats you can hardly tell. Over the top of Lemon Drop I used the Sephora by OPI nail polish in Cab Fare which is a bright gold/yellow colour - you can't really wear on it's own as it's not very opaque. I have taken some photo's to show you how this turned out. I really liked it and got a lot of comments.

(ring from La Dama)

Do you like bright nails at the moment?

Would you wear this colour?

Let me know what you think of this colour.