Monday, 27 June 2011

Blog Awards

So we've been awarded two blog awards, by two lovely people.

The first is the Butterfly Award

We were awarded this by Chloe! Who has a lovely blog, and is very sweet so you should go and check it out! 

Rules of the Award:

- write a random fact about yourself
- pass the award on
- notify the bloggers who got it

Katelyn's Random fact: I have a horrible habit of doing a manicure and then picking it all off a day or two later, I'm trying to stop

Megan's Random fact:  I love clean sheets on my bed

We are passing this on to Imogen Loves & Floral Children

Now on to the second award 

We were also lucky enough to be given an award from Elle, and she also has a gorgeous blog and she is so nice so you have to check out her blog too! 

The Rules...
1. Link back to the person who awarded this award to you
2. Share 7 Random things about yourself

1. I have size ten feet - it's hard to find shoes
2. I am taller than both my sisters, but younger
3. My Mum is the best
4. I'm becoming addicted to online shopping 
5. I check my email everyday 
6. I love Harry Potter the books & movies
7. I'm 18 

1. I am turning 21 next week
2. I like to take photos
3. My boyfriend is my best friend
4. I never have time for anything anymore
5. I have eyelash extensions
6. My puppy's name is Lua
7. Lipstick obsession

3. Award 15 blogs
(We know it's not 15, but these are all great blogs)

4. Answer the following questions

Name your favourite colour? - K: Turquoise/Red, M: Coral/Pink//Black
Name your favourite song? - K: Any Ryan Adams/Bright Eyes, M: My answer is the same as Katelyns.
Your favourite desert? - K: Cake, M: Pudding & Custard
What is pissing you off? -  K: Messy house, M: Lack of sleep
When your upset, you? - K: Get angry, M: Don't talk to anyone
Your favourite pet? - K: Our dogs Skye & Pixie, M: Skye, Pixie & Lua.

Black or White? - K: Black is classic, but white is nice and fresh, M: Both
Your biggest fear? - K: Sharks, M: Death
My best feature is? - K: I like my eyes, M: Hair?

Everyday attitude? - K: Try to be positive, M: Go with the flow
What is perfection? - K: Everyone has different views on that, M: I agree with Katelyn
Guilty pleasure? - K: Hot Chips, M: Anything with sugar

Friday, 24 June 2011

Lust Have It

Okay, so you've probably heard about companies joining up with cosmetics companies to bring you samples to your door each month. Well hold on to your hats, because it's finally happening in Australia, Lust Have It is the very first one to be launching and you can sign up here. It begins in July so you can sign up for your first box and it will arrive in August. It will be your very own box of exclusive beauty, skin and hair care products sent right to your door.

We are so excited about this, Lust Have It boxes will have brands such as, Burts Bees, Dermalogica, Kerastase, Lancome, Mirenesse, Naked Tan, Pure Fiji, L'Oreal and Urban Rituelle all fantastic brands and we're especially excited for Burts Bees and Demalogica - YAY. So you're probably thinking this sounds great but why would you pay money for sachet samples that you can go and get from your beautician, well you're not. The samples will be of a decent size just like a mini version, or travel version of the product and maybe even some of full size. For brands that only offer their samples in sachets you will get several instead to make up for it. The boxes are only $14.95 a month including postage and you can pay for it monthly or subscribe for one year.

Another really cool part about Lust boxes, is that when you purchase a box you earn points which you can choose to spend on full size products of the samples that you loved in the online store. Honestly this is such a great concept and anyone is available to sign up to Lust Have It so I suggest you all do, or at least check it out because they are doing a $500 ultimate beauty prize pack to one of the lucky people that signs up to the mailing list. The lovely founder of this brilliant idea, Nicci has assured us that they have allocated a decent amount of boxes that will be available to buy, but if you miss out there won't be any more chances to get that box so I'd be sure to get in quick and sign up here.

Who else is super excited about this, I know we are both really looking forward to getting our first boxes and are looking forward to the surprise of seeing what's inside. However here is little spoiler for all of you dying to know what's inside, we have been told there will be a Dermalogica sample in the first months box and coming in one of the months after there will be a full size polish valued at $19.95 so you're already getting products worth more than the price you're paying, perfect!

So for all of you lovely people who are reading this, I'd love for you to check out the Lust Have It website and sign up, this is seriously an opportunity you don't want to miss. They also have a Facebook  which you should check out. Let's help spread the word about Lust Have It boxes!

Who is looking forward to this idea? Has anyone signed up for the mailing list yet?
Let us know! Also if you have any more questions feel free to ask.
P.S We also decided to create a FB for our blog as it's easier than giving out our personals so we'd love if you could give it a like, you can find us here

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Not so gorgeous

I'm having a horrible horrible day, I was rushing around this morning to get ready and needed to quickly do my makeup before work but had barely any time so I grabbed the Benefit - Some Kind-a Gorgeous cream to powder foundation which by the way has the strangest smell about it and put it on. I got this product for christmas after my lovely Mum got me a benefit pack from Henri Bendel in New York with the foundation, it also came with 'Bad Gal Lash' and 'Sugar Bomb Blush' both products which I use regularly without any problems.

So back to the story I was at work after just having applied this makeup and my face had been stinging then I realise I have a big red rash all over my face from the foundation it was horrible and the smell is awful. I hate writing bad things about a product and it could simply be my skin reacting to it for no particular reason but I will never use it again. Thinking about it a little later I thought maybe that smell means it's off and that's why I got the rash but I read numerous articles and they all said it had a weird crayon smell so it wasn't that. I have used this product before and it has stung a little but I thought it was just due to dry skin but this time it was out of control. It's such a shame because it really does seem like a great product and was voted in the top five of Elle Magazines 'Worlds best foundations' in 2008. Benefit also always has the most gorgeous packaging and everything else I have of theirs is amazing and always packaged so pretty.

I just want to know has anyone else had similar problems with any other makeup products? Or does anyone know what I could put on to soothe/help my skin from the rash?  Let me know!

Monday, 20 June 2011


Here we go, another outfit post I really don't do enough of these. Anyway this skirt is actually a midi skirt (I have it in black as well) but I wasn't feeling it when I went to go and take the photos so I basically just pulled it up really high and put a plain black t-shirt on and belted it - this is like my favourite belt except the studs are all falling off the front but I don't care I'll wear it anyway.  I am in love with turquoise jewellery and you can always find it set in great rings and necklaces etc, I am wearing a giant moon stone looking turquoise ring which I got from Sportsgirl and the Necklace is Megan's. On to the shoes, these are brand new first time they've been worn. I got them on sale for $30 at City Beach I rarely shop there so I was excited they had something I really liked they're so comfortable, I love them. Now time for some pictures.

Don't even ask what I'm doing with my feet in the third photo because I have no idea!

Black Felt Hat, Temt - $20
Bonds Black T- Shirt, Big W
Black Studded Belt - $20
Pink Pleated Skirt, Ally - $20
Black Mooloola Heels, City Beach - $30
Cross Necklace, Megans
Turquoise Ring, Sportsgirl - $4.95

In other news I am thinking of dying my hair just fully brown again but can't decide if I can let go of the ombre, would love your opinion should it stay or go?
Also has anyone else got any bargains lately, I haven't really bought anything full price lately. Let me know!

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Sue Sensi

 So I was on twitter the other day and was going through people that follow me and I saw that 
 Sue Sensi followed me and I thought 'That's an interesting name' so I went on their website and discovered that they sold some really cool jewellery which I love the look of and couldn't resist posting for all of you to see. 

This is what it says on their profile which I thought was pretty cute as well. 

Love, protection, history, faith and peace…a few words that inspire Sue Sensi and he exquisitely unique jewellery collection. Since officially launching in 2003, Sue’s label has caught the attention of both high end boutiques and celebrities wanting pieces from her signature range.
Each design features a small eye charm…paying homage to a Ancient Greek tradition that has lasted for thousands of years, it is believed that if the eye charm falls off  it has protected the wearer from negative energy.
Using the highest quality sterling silver .925 and semi-precious beads, her distinctive interplay of fashion and symbolism has carved her unique niche… A treasure chest of coins, crosses, peace signs and other paraphernalia are complimented with a burst of colour
Jewellery filled with positive energy to those who wear it.

These are some of my favourite pieces I picked off the site, I really love the cross ring and the bangle and I love the delicateness of the wristlets. I would love to get my hands on some of these, I am sick of buying cheap jewellery that makes my fingers green and I can never find anything this cool that isn't tacky and cheap. I'm honestly loving lots of the stuff on the website and I love that heaps of places stock it. Next time I'm in Brisbane I'll have to take a visit to some of the stores that sell it and maybe purchase something.

So for all you lovelies who want to take a look at the jewellery - which I suggest you do
You can visit by clicking Here! Tell me what you're favourite pieces are and which ones you would love to own.

P.S  If anyone loves me my favourite is the cross bangle just incase!
(I wonder if my boyfriend will read this) ;)

Saturday, 11 June 2011


So I'm sure everyone has seen these, they're pretty much everywhere at the moment and I am loving the trend. There is so many different styles and heights of these babies and I want a pair! I don't know if I'd be willing to spend an enormous amount though so they sadly could be out of my reach. I found a the neon pink Ego and Greed pair on Solestruck for around $90 but after reading the reviews they aren't easy to walk in due to the narrowness of the shoe which is a shame. I'd have to say the Pradas or the Marc Jacobs are my favourite but I could definitely not afford them and probably wouldn't wear them too often. I'd maybe want some like the bottom pair that aren't too high but I can't find any so if any of you flatform lovers aren't as lazy to do research like me I'd love to be pointed in the right direction I know Topshop have some lower platform sneakers well they call them creepers which I've had my eye on but I love the sandal look as well! 

Do you love flatforms or do you hate them? 

Friday, 10 June 2011

Shiny and New

  • So these are just a few items I have bought recently or have been gifted to me. 
  • Black Ballet flats - Big W 
  • Vogue Australia
  • Revlon Nail Polish - In Gum Drop 
  • Ripped Sweater (The one from my wishlist, Thanks Mum!!!♡) - Ally
  • Leopard Belt - Ally
  • Pleated Black Midi Skirt - Ally 

As you can see I shop a lot at Ally, I really love the new nailpolish and there is a review coming soon. I was pretty excited when I found out about the sweater it is perfect, I love the fit and the sleeves are fantastic so comfy and perfect for all the cold weather we've been having. 

What are some of your new Purchases? 

P.S I wanted to say a big thank-you to all of our lovely new followers! 

Sunday, 5 June 2011

NYX Lipsticks

Recently I bought a few NYX lipsticks from because I've heard they're really good quality for the price. I'd have to say I agree with this statement. The ones I purchased are very creamy and last a pretty long time, probably 3-4 hours. I found you have to be careful when you apply these lipsticks without a mirror as they tend to go a little all over the place. I bought the colours "Tea Rose" "Mars" "Thalia" & "Paris". The colours I got are all pretty similar. If you haven't noticed, I really like pinks, corals & nudes lipsticks. I find it really hard to buy any cosmetics online, I always try and find swatches that other people have done to get a bit of an idea what they will look like in real life. In this case, sadly, I think "Mars" & "Thalia" are bit dark for my skin tone. Luckily "Tea Rose" & "Paris" are perfect colours for me. I took some photos to show you all what they look like and maybe help you decide if they're right for you!

From L to R: Tea Rose, Thalia, Mars & Paris.

I would definitely buy more of these lipsticks, I think they cost me around $2.50 each which is the probably the cheapest cosmetic item I have ever owned. I also bought three E.L.F brushes from which were about $3.60 each. I haven't had the chance to try them out yet but they're super soft. I will have a review on them soon!
Let me know if you have tried NYX lipsticks and what you thought of them.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

New/Old - Good/Bad

So this is just some products I've either recently started using or ones that I've had for awhile that I really love. 
Here is the products I have featured. 

1. Savvy By DB Mineral Powder 
Well I am actually really loving this product I bought it at Priceline last week you could buy two products and get the third free and the best part, the actual powder is only $10 and use a pretty good liquid foundation so I don't need a hugely expensive powder really just something to set it. I think the colour matches perfectly and it has pretty good staying power. I wish the packaging was a little prettier but you can't be too picky when something is so cheap. I'd really recommend this product to someone on a budget  - loving it! 

2. Nyx Green Concealer 
I actually stole this of my sister (sorry Megan) I really needed a concealer one day and I found this. I don't particularly like the idea of a green concealer I think it's meant to take the redness away but it honestly doesn't work on me. If anything it makes my skin look so blotchy, I think I need to invest in a nice skin colour one - so if someone could recommend me one that'd be good. 

3. Australis Translucent Finishing Powder
Like all Australis products I love this, I like putting it on when I feel a bit oily but don't want to have cakey powder. It has a really weird texture on kind of really smooth on your face it feels lovely. I don't use it that much but it is great when I do use it.

4. Savvy by DB Powder 
This is just the non mineral powder I got this in the buy two get one free, I also love this product I probably love the mineral one just a bit more. But I find I get a nice finish from either.

5. Impassioned lipstick by M.A.C 
I love love love the colour of this lipstick for ages I have been looking for a bright pink lipstick I ended up buying this off eBay because M.A.C is so expensive in Australia and we don't have a M.A.C counter where I live. I really love this lipstick although my lips have to be super moisturized otherwise it picks up the little bits of dry skin and doesn't look so nice, even though it's not a matte finish.

6. Nars Orgasm Illuminator
I got this for free with my Sephora beauty points, I absolutely love this. I would even get a full size of this product even though you only need the tinyest amount and I have so much left. It has a lovely shimmer and you can even wear it just as a subtle glow on your cheeks if you're doing a dramatic eye or something. 100% recommend this product.

7. Body Shop Bronzer 
This is probably my fall back blush on most days if I don't want to go with a pink or an orange. I never use it as an actual bronzer because I don't like the way bronzers look on my skin. It is however a lovely blush and looks great just lightly dusted on the cheeks or even when I wear fake tan it adds a bit of glow. It's great because it's not a super shimmery bronzer like nearly every other one I've tried which just looks ridiculous on me.

8. Savvy by DB shimmer eyeshadow
Last but not least, this was also purchased in the deal. This one was the one I got for free so I can't actually remember how much it cost but I know it wasn't overly expensive. I always love finding light eyeshadows to dust all over your eyelid and up to just under the eyebrow for a shimmer. I like this product a lot and for the price of all three things you really can't complain.

So there you have it, some of my new and favourite products. Has anyone else used or have any of these products? What would you try, also can someone recommend me a great concealer preferably not too expensive.