Monday, 26 March 2012

Review: Models Prefer Mattifying Primer

Hi Girls, 
Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend, doing fun things and such. 
Today's review is on the Models Prefer Mattifying Primer, I've been using this product for a while now and I thought I would let everyone know what I think about it. 

Formula: I love the formula of this primer, it's a clear thick gel like formula that smooths and mattifys skin to reduce oiliness. A little of this product goes a long way and it helps create a really smooth base for foundation, and the formula feels lovely and silky on your skin. I did find when using this product it really helps with smoothing my skin, especially because mine can get a little bit rough sometimes. I don't have the oiliest skin, in fact I'm more on the dry side but this helps my skin feel smooth without drying it out like other mattifying products do. I would like to note that it does contain a form of silicone, and I know some people avoid products with silicone due to whatever reason. So just make sure to read the ingredients - Although I have had no trouble with this formula. (full list of ingredients can be found here)

Does it work?: This is always the big question when it comes to primers, I've never tried a high end primer so I can't really compare this product to a more expensive one. But I think this does a great job of creating a smooth base for foundation which in turn helps the foundation lasts longer. It also seemed to minimize my pores, which is another bonus for me. I do think this is a great primer for the price and does pretty much everything it says it's meant to with mattifying, smoothing and increasing the length of foundation wear. 

Price & Packaging?: The price of this product is fairly reasonable it's around $12.99AUD from Priceline which is pretty good considering it works well and a little of the product goes a long way. 

Now for the worst part about this product the packaging. So at first the packaging was really awesome, it looked nice and sleek with the pump bottle and clear formula so far so good. A few weeks into using it - not so much. I think it's the thickness of the product that after the initial product that was around the pump had been used it really struggled to get the rest of the product out. I've actually had to start taking the pumper out and use my fingers to get the product out which isn't that bad, but it is designed to pump the product out. I think this formula is probably better suited to a tube or a jar as it is simply too thick. If I didn't like the product as much as I did I would have stopped using it as soon as the pump failed. 

Overall: I think this is a great primer for the price and it does everything it claims to do. Aside from the packaging issues I have continued to use it and will most likely repurchase unless I find something better. If you are looking for an affordable primer that makes your skin feel really smooth I would recommend this one. I also think it should work on most skin types, just make sure to read the ingredients so you won't have any issues. 

Overall I give this product a 4 out of 5! 

Has anyone else used this primer - what did you think? Or what's your favourite drugstore primer? 

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

March Wishlist!

Hi Girls, 
Just wanted to share a  bit of a wishlist of things I've been absolutely loving lately and would love to get my hands on. I've been absolutely all over the place with fashion lately and I can never stick to one 'trend'. I also can't seem to grasp the concept of seasons, probably because I live somewhere where if I wore a big thick coat I would be sweating even in Winter. 

I've been stalking the Marc by Marc Jacobs section on Shopbop for weeks, and I think when I finally have enough money I will be buying those earrings, the shirt and even one of the phone cases. I would also love to get my hands on one of the beautiful handmade scarves by Kish & Evie they're absolutely lovely. 

Where to get everything:

I guess I'm obsessed with ASOS to, haha. 

What are you looking forward to buying? 

Sunday, 18 March 2012

MAC Naturally - MSF in "Blonde"

Recently I bought the Blonde MSF from the Naturally collection. I had to get my sister that lives in Sydney to buy it for me and post it up to me because it sold out online so quickly - I can tell why.
This mineralized skinfinish is a re-promote from the Brunette, Blonde & Redhead collection in 2009.
It is a really beautiful light pink that graduates into an almost medium toned pink and like all msf's it is quite frosty/shimmery. I saw Ingrid (missglamorazzi) on youtube use this as a blush in one of her videos and it looked great. I was a bit skeptical about using it as a blush on myself but the first time I did, I loved it.

Above is a photo of me (excuse the eyebrows, I'm getting them done tomorrow!) wearing the msf as a blush. It's basically like a glowy pink with the advantage of having a highlight in it so you don't need to use  one. My skin isn't the best at the moment so I find it makes my pores look a bit bigger than usual but I guess most highlighter type products do.

I think this looks really lovely as a blush.

Would you wear this as a blush or keep it as a highlter?

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Review: Rimmel Sexy Curves Waterproof Mascara

I should probably start with the story behind why I even purchased this mascara, I was down in Brisbane to see Bright Eyes and also to go to Harvest Festival to see them again. I went into the city before it started to pick up a few essentials and decided I should probably get a waterproof mascara because I obviously didn't want to have panda eyes standing around at a hot festival. So on a whim and remembering I'd heard someone raving about this product I bought it. 

I don't even remember applying it the first time probably because I was so giddy with excitement to go and see Conor Oberst typical me. I have now finished this mascara and wanted to let you all know what I think. See more below for a full review! 

Now onto the review, I find it easier to break it into parts so that's what I'm going to roll with.

Formula: I find it did dry out quite quickly, and the smell of this product wasn't very pleasant in comparison to others I use. Initially the formula wasn't too bad, it wasn't dry at all and spread quite well without clumping the lashes. The best part, which actually impressed me was how waterproof it actually was. I found even after sweating or swimming it doesn't run and you do need to use a decent makeup remover or cleanser to get this mascara off.

Brush: The brush is not too bad, but I much prefer a thicker brush for my lashes as it helps volumize and lengthen. I find that this brush probably isn't the best for 'curving' your lashes, but it's thin bristles are really great for separating the lashes and also helps decrease the clumps.

Packaging & Price: I actually love the packaging of this product, the colour and the metallic outside is eye catching and something I would definitely be attracted to in the store. I think Rimmel always have great packaging and this mascara is no exception. The price of this mascara ranges from about $11AUD - $18AUD, which is a reasonable price for a drugstore mascara.

I think overall, it isn't a bad mascara but I definitely wouldn't call it a favourite. I think it's just I look for completely different things in a mascara to what this actually offers. In saying that if you are looking for a decent price, waterproof mascara that separates and darkens your lashes this is probably a product worth checking out. I feel like the waterproofness (probably not a word) of this product is really great, and it does stay on all day without flaking and smudging.

Overall I give this product a 3 out of 5! 

You can buy it at Priceline, Supermarkets, Big W & Target here in Australia and probably everywhere else that sells Rimmel wherever you live.

Have you tried this product before? What is your favourite drugstore mascara?

Note: this mascara was purchased by me, and my reviews are 100% my honest opinion.  

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

One Dress, Two Looks

For awhile now I've wanted to start doing posts like these, to show how versatile some outfits can be. I'm the type of person that can dress like a complete boy one day and then show up in a cute little dress the next. I don't like sticking to one style, and I never have.

I've had this dress for a few weeks now, and at first I hated the way it looked on me I think I was having a bad day or just wasn't feeling it. Because when I tried it on the next time I was absolutely in love with it.
Below are some photos of how I like to wear this dress, there was more looks but we had camera issues haha. So I just stuck with the two, plus I liked these ones the most anyway.

Outfit One: This is something I'd wear on a regular basis, I wear hats a lot and I just love how comfy and fun this dress is to wear. I decided to pair the dress with some long chain necklaces with hints of turquoise to brighten it up a bit, and the red hat I feel is something that goes with everything especially white. The sunglasses and boots are some of my favourite aspects of this outfit, the boots are ridiculously comfy and cost me only $9, and the sunglasses are super fun to wear and I always get compliments on them.This may sound really silly but I feel like I should have been around in the 60's/70's so I could have worn this to Woodstock and danced around listening to The Grateful Dead.
Dress: Minkpink, Hat: Jay Jays, Necklaces/Rings/Sunglasses: Sportsgirl, Shoes: Therapy

Outfit Two: This outfit, is something I'd probably wear either out at night to a show or maybe to a party or something. This outfit is a lot simpler but I wanted the feather headpiece to be the focus of the outfit. I love wearing headpieces and hats, but every time I wear this feathered headband someone will try and rip it off my head (does anyone else get this?). The outfit as I said is fairly simple, with the exception of the head peice, I wanted to keep the shoes pretty simple as well so I paired them with some of my favourite little mustard booties from Rubi. They are amazing and I wanted a pair for so long until I found these. I think the mustard colour is fun to wear and they go really well with everything. 
Dress: Minkpink, Feather Headpeice: City Beach, Turquoise Ring: Diva, Shoes: Rubi

Which look do you like best? Would you wear either of these looks? 
Let me know what you think of these type of posts! 

Hope everyone is having a lovely week! 

Sunday, 11 March 2012

MAC Iris Apfel - Pink Pigeon & Flamingo lipstick

A few weeks ago the MAC Iris Apfel collection was released in Australia. I had seen swatches of this collection before it came out and I really loved the look of these two lipsticks. Seeing as I don't have a MAC store anywhere near me, I bought them as soon as I saw them online. "Pink Pigeon" is a really bright matte pink and "Flamingo" is a bright (but a bit more sheer) orangey/coraly/pink colour and is a lustre finish. 

(Pink Pigeon and Flamingo)

I am really happy I got them, I love the colours a lot.

The only thing I don't like about both of these lipsticks is that they kind of stain your lips so when it wears off it leaves a ring of colour around the outside of your lips. I try not to buy lipsticks that do that but really, how could you resist these beautiful colours? 

Would you wear either of these or not your cup of tea?

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Winter Basics Wishlist...

So it's March already and I am getting so, so excited for Winter to be here. I have put together a little wishlist of some basic items I am lusting after. 
Listed from left to right (top row first)
  1. Fan Club shirt by Wildfox 
  2. Clean Pu Biker Jacket from Topshop
  3. Large Runway Double Glitz Watch by Michael Kors
  4. Simple Cross top from Wildfox 
  5. Burgundy Pleated Skater Skirt from Sportsgirl 
  6. Speckle T-shirt Mini Dress from Topshop in Yellow
  7. Speckle T-shirt Mini Dress from Topshop in Gray (I have a habit of buying the same thing in different colours)
  8. American Apparel Large clutch
  9. Amble Boots in Black from Topshop
  10. Black Disco Pants by American Apparel (not pictured above but you can find them here)

Are you as excited for Winter as I am?

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Ten Must Have Lush Products!

I just wanted to recommend and tell you about some of my favourite lush products you have to try to! 

1. Honey I Washed The Kids Soap "Irresistible toffee and honey soap" This soap was something I wanted to try for the longest time and I ended up getting it in one of my Lust Have It boxes. The scent is absolutely gorgeous and it actually lingers on your skin, if you love the smell of honey then you will love this soap. I find it's also really creamy, and lathers well. I would recommend this product to anyone, considering I have gone through three chunks of it! 

2. Tea Tree Water Toner: "Tea tree is extremely soothing and can work wonders on troubled or oily skin" This is a product I have been using for a few months now, and myself and my boyfriend both absolutely love this product. It leaves your skin feeling soothed and clean without making it oily or anything along those lines. I love the smell too! 

3. Snow Fairy Shower Gel: The best smelling shower gel in the entire world! (IMO) This product is amazing, it smells like you're washing yourself in candy. It has a great consistency and has speckles of glitter amongst the pinky/candy coloured gel, it's absolutely gorgeous. This is a limited edition product and only comes out around the Christmas period. But if you can get your hands on four bottles I suggest you do. I still have a bottle going and I don't want to finish it because it makes me sad I won't be able to get it until Christmas. 

4. Buffy Body Butter: "Exfoliating scrub for your seating area." This is an exfoliant and moisturiser in one, I use this as the last thing in the shower. Basically you just rub the bar all over your body and it exfoliates your skin but also leaves a nice smooth body butter on there so you don't need to worry about moisturising when you get out of the shower. I think this is an excellent product  that leaves your skin smooth and moisturised. This is a perfect product for everyone to use especially in the wintertime when your skin gets a little bit dry. 

5. H'Suan Wen Hua: "Mega-moisturiser to feed your hungry hair" Please don't ask me to pronounce this product because I fail every-time! I suffer from really dry hair, probably from dying and bleaching and whatever else, when I used this product the first time I hated it - I don't think I left it in long enough or something and I was so disappointed. I tried it again though and the second time it made my hair feel amazing! It smells like Chai Tea so it is quite pleasant to have sitting on your head for a little while, I found it made my hair softer and it actually smelt nice too. If you suffer from dry hair and you're looking for a natural hair product I would say this product is worth a look. 

6. Angels On Bare Skin: "Angelic, medieval cleansing wash with rose and lavender" This was one of the first lush products I fell in love with. This is an all round cleanser for most skin types and it exfoliates as well as being gentle on the skin. This cleanser makes your skin smooth and moisturised, which is something I look for in a cleanser. I hate ones that dry out my skin. If you're looking for a nice natural cleanser you should check this one out. 

7. Bubblegum Lip Scrub: "Our fabulous lip scrubs are here to keep your kissers sweet." So I'm sure most of you have heard about this product before. It's a sugary lip scrub that not only tastes delicious but helps remove all of that nasty dead skin from your lips. Take a little bit from the container and rub it all over your lips, I usually lick mine off but if that grosses you out you can use a tissue or a wipe. Such a great product and perfect to use before wearing lipsticks. 

8. Ocean Salt: "Cleansing lime, coconut and sea salt scrub" When I got this I didn't realise it was a facial cleanser, because I used it in the past as a body scrub haha (typical me). So I used it on my face and I actually quite liked it, although be careful because the exfoliating chunks are quite big to start with so don't scrub too hard. It actually tastes salty too (why am I eating all these products?). I feel like this product does such a good job of making my face feel like it has been exfoliated properly, and I still continue to use it on my body as well especially on my elbows and knees. 

9. Wiccy Magic Muscles Massage Bar: "Wiccy is the spicy, tingly, muscle-soothing bar with aduki beans for a deeper rub" You're probably looking at this product thinking what the hell, and so was I when I first saw it.'s awesome! I usually use this more as a body butter type product. I think this smells like cinnamon and it leaves my skin feeling really nice and smooth. If you use the side with the beads it massages really well but they do fall out so be careful! 

10. Cosmetic Warrior Fresh Face Mask: "A superhero face mask to combat spots, cleanse dirt, calm and soothe all troubled skins." This is an amazing amazing product, for me this is my favourite mask ever. The smell is a bit crazy with the garlic but it actually works really well so I can get past it. I also love that you keep these refrigerated because the mask is nice and cold when you go to put it on and it feels really refreshing. I love that it also seems to reduce the redness in my skin and calms everything else down. I adore this product and would totally recommend you checking it out, or any of the fresh face masks! 

I hope this little (or really long) post helped with those of you who have never tried Lush before. I would highly recommend everything on this list plus more but I thought ten was already enough. 

Please keep in mind though, that these products may work differently for you depending on your skin type etc. 

Have you tried any of these products? What are your favourites? Let me know below!