Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Lust Have It September

This month once again I received the 'Fun and Flirty' pack from Lust Have It, they have returned to sending out the products in the makeup bags and this months was sent out in a silver bag. The contents of this months bag included:

Davroe Ultimatum Non Aerosol Hairspray 
Dermalogica Active Toner
Dermalogica PreCleanse
Say It Wth Scent Frangipani Lotion
Mireness 'Protect Me' Tinted Anti Ageing Balm 

I was disappointed with this months selection of products, not even the Dermalogica products could make up for the rest of the bag. I've already used Dermalogica PreCleanse before and it's a great product so I know I'll definitely use it, same goes with the toner. 

The rest of the bag maybe not so much, the lotion smells like something an old woman would wear, it actually made me feel a little sick. To be completely honest, I'm a little sick of receiving tiny body lotion samples, they're barely enough to use on one leg and end up being thrown in a drawer never to be used 

The other two products I received weren't very exciting either, the hairspray had actually leaked in the bag which was unpleasant. I tested the hairspray and I'm really not fond of the way it makes my hair feel crunchy and the smell of it it quite potent too. Finally the last product was the tiny anti-ageing balm sample from Mirenesse, kind of funny they put an anti-ageing balm in the fun and flirty box don't you think? The sample size of this was a little ridiculous and the packaging was flimsy, honestly the bag could have gone without. 

Lust Have It also included some 'free' sample vouchers, a Mirenesse eyeliner which was only available to the first 1000 people (I highly doubt I will receive this). A free Davroe styling product (which is not really free because you have to pay for postage) I don't think I will claim this either, as their products have been less than impressive, and a Dermalogica facial treatment valued at $90.00 when you purchase a Dermalogica product over $50.00. So nothing is really 'free'. 

Overall you can probably tell my lack of excitement and disappointment in this months bag. An underwhelming selection of products and some 'free' samples to make up for the lack of products in the bag. I fear next month may be my last bag with Lust Have It if they don't pick up their game, I can't stand the thought of getting another body lotion and no makeup products. 

Did you receive the September Lust Have It? What are your thoughts? 

Sunday, 23 September 2012

In With The New

01. Evil Twin Triple Swirl Dress - Evil Twin is one of my favourite brands and the new collection "Lucid Dreaming" is amazing, I basically want everything. I saw this dress a month or so ago online and was slightly put off by the price but I kept going back to it so I knew I wouldn't be satisfied until I owned one. I finally bought it and I can't even explain how much I love it! The best part about this dress is that it can be dressed up for a night out or it can be dressed down for a more casual look.

02. Topshop Speckled T-Shirt Dress - Again, another dress that can be either dressed up or down. You may have noticed that the two dresses I bought are basically the same shape. I love dresses that go in at the waist. The only thing I don't like too much about it the fact it is quite a light material and when standing near a window you can kind of see through it....

03. Deena & Ozzy Studded Flatform - As soon as I saw these I had to buy them. I seem to be a bit of a flatform fiend lately. I ove the studding and silver platform on these.

04. River Island Flatform Sneaker - These are very cute. I don't actually know what I am going to wear them with...or where I am going to wear them seeing as I am generally not a sneaker kind of girl but again, I had to have these and they were only $35.00!

Have you bought anything you absolutely love lately?

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Favourite Spring Nail Polishes

Spring has sprung which means it's time to start wearing some lighter shades on my nails. I've chosen six of my favourite shades which I know I'll be wearing throughout the warmer months. 
I'll do a little overview of each polish so you can get an idea of opacity/coats etc. 

From left to right: 

Essence - Exits On Your Right (Under $5.00 AUD)
This is apart of the relatively new 'Ready For Boarding' collection by Essence. I saw this shade and immediately picked it up because I hadn't seen a pastel green that wasn't a mint. I found this is a lot more of a yellow toned green and it looks great on against tan skin. This polish is best with three coats to achieve an opaque finish. 

NYC Color - Bluebird ($2.00 AUD)
I seem to have a real problem with buying blue nail polishes. I have so many so it was hard to choose the ones I know I will wear most in Spring. I chose Bluebird because it's such a lovely pastel blue that I think pretty much suits everyone. You need a good three to four coats to make this one opaque but it's so worth it once it's on. With a good top coat I find these polishes last up to five days (probably more if you're not a nail picker like me) I found this polish at Woolworths, they have so many shades and are all $2.00! 

Essence - Via Airmail (Under $5.00 AUD)
This is another from the 'Ready For Boarding' collection, and the darkest of all six polishes. This polish has a great consistency and needs about two coats to get decent coverage. I just really love this polish and I don't own another one similar. 

China Glaze - Sweet Hook (Under $12.00 AUD)
This is the perfect pastel purple, I ordered mine from OzSale when they had one of their China Glaze sales going. I've worn this polish countless times and it always gets compliments. It goes on easily and looks best with two to three coats. I absolutely love how much polish you get in a China Glaze bottle which means I can wear it a lot. I'm also pretty sure Sportsgirl does/did a relatively good dupe for this which I have owned in the past, so if you're looking I'd definitely check out Sportsgirl. 

Nails Inc London - Bag A Bachelor (Free) 
I got this for free in a Cleo magazine in July, this shade is just a pretty girly pink. It isn't the greatest formula and I needed four coats to get a nice finish but the colour is worth the pain of applying it. 

Rimmel - Apricot Punch ($5.95 AUD)
This colour looks completely different in the bottle to how it actually appears on the nail. It looks like a muted orange in the bottle, but comes out as a relatively bright orange on the nail. I love this colour and like all Rimmel polishes they have a great formula and are extremely reasonably priced. 

So those are all my nail polish picks for Spring I'm sure I'll do some more of these posts because I feel like my nail polish collection is constantly growing. 

Have you tried any of these shades? What's your pick for Spring? 

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Veet EasyWax Electrical Roll-On Kit Review

I was recently apart of a trial for the brand new Veet Easy Wax Electrical Roll-On Kit, and I wanted to share what I thought of the kit. A bit of info on my waxing history, I have used hot tub wax before and also the pre waxed strips. I am not usually a huge fan of waxing my legs as it can be really messy and sometimes even painful. 

Included in the pack is: 
1 x Waxing Device
1 x Wax Cartridge
1 x Stand
1 x Cord
12 x Wax Strips
4 x Finishing Wipes

What they say: 
Veet EasyWax™ Electrical Roll-on Kit is a hand-held, self-heating home-wax system with a roll-on applicator that helps deliver an even layer of warm wax and delivers salon-quality results at home. The wax is formulated with the same ingredients as the wax used in salons and is enriched with natural beeswax, making it suitable for sensitive skin.

The Pros and Cons

Overall this product does everything it says, I loved that it  heated the wax to a perfect temperature which helped avoid any nasty wax burns. I found the applicator worked really well and the wax went on smoothly and evenly. The cartridge was easy to install and setting up the product was extremely simple. The stand included was a nice touch especially for messy people like me, I didn't get any wax where it wasn't meant to be. 

As I said the application was easy and the bright pink wax rolled on my legs at the perfect temperature - so far so good. I would say I am a novice leg waxer so this may be my problem but I found the strips supplied weren't that great, I would suggest a fabric strip as I find they tend to get the wax off better (there seemed to be quite a bit of wax that wouldn't budge)

I would also recommend heating the wax longer than it states on the box as I found it didn't roll on properly after just 20 minutes, but after a good half hour it seemed to do the trick. The wipes included worked a treat and helped remove the residue and left over wax the strips sometimes left behind, I'm glad these were included. This product retails for $39.99 AUD which seems expensive but you will have the product forever. 

Overall this product did a great job of getting rid of the hair and wasn't as painful as I thought it would be. It was mess free at and the application of the wax was a breeze which I really enjoyed. I think I may have to use it a few more times to get the best out of it, as I know I'm quite inexperienced in the waxing department. I definitely enjoyed how my legs stayed smoother for longer, and for those that enjoy waxing their legs I think this is definitely something worth checking out! 

In Australia you can purchase the Veet Easy Wax Roll On Kit at Priceline stores

Have any of you ladies tried this? 

*I was sent this as part of a trial but it is 100% my honest opinion.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation Review

I bought this foundation quite a while ago. I always seem to have a love hate relationship when I try new foundations. I never like them straight away and this was no exception.

Unfortunately I don't have very good skin to start with, not because of blemishes (spots/pimples) but I have freckles, pigmentation and a lot of redness...and being pale doesn't help! I am always looking for full coverage to have so I have a flawless complexion and that is what you get with this foundation.

In the above picture I am not wearing any powder or concealer which is quite amazing. I have the shade "Cream Ivory" which is the second lightest....I'm not entirely sure why I went for this colour as it is WAY too dark for pale skin although it is perfect when I have a little bit of a tan on. I am thinking of testing out the "Soft Ivory" so I can wear it everyday.

I like to apply this foundation with my Real Techniques Buffing Brush - you do need to blend this in well because it is a quite thick consistency seeing as it is a creme. A little bit goes a long way with this foundation. I do find this colour it is very yellow based which I actually like because I feel it counteracts my redness. You can see me apply it in my Getting Ready With Me video here.

Cost:  $59 AUD.

Coverage: Full.

Packaging: I like the simple packaging of this product. Very easy to carry with you as it's a tube.

Wear time: I find this lasts around 7-8 hours before you need to apply some powder to take away the shine.

Repurchase?: Definitely. I will be getting the lightest shade soon.

Overall I am very impressed with this, as are a lot of other beauty bloggers I have seen recently. If you are looking for a true full coverage foundation, I would recommend this for you.

Have you tried this foundation? What did you think?

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Spring/Summer Beauty Wish List

1. Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer
2. Seche Vite Clear topcoat
3. Essie "Absolutely Shore"
4. Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair serum
5. Benefit "They're Real" mascara
6. Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in "Bolero"
7. Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray
8. Xen-Tan Dark tanning lotion

I just thought I would share a few products that I am lusting after at the moment. I haven''t bought many beauty products recently but Katelyn and I will be in Sydney for IMATS later this month. We are so excited! I plan on doing quite a bit of beauty shopping while I'm down there.

Are any of you girls planning on going to Sydney IMATS?