Sunday, 21 April 2013

Inspired By: Lemon Breeland

Something a bit different today, I want to share with you some fashion inspiration in the form of Lemon Breeland. If you don't know who that is, she is a character from the tv show Hart of Dixie. Megan actually got me into a few weeks ago and I've been hooked ever since. 

I absolutely adore the way lemon dresses, and constantly find myself saying I NEED that when she appears on screen.  I made this set on Polyvore inspired by Lemon. 

What TV show character inspires you?


  1. I love Hart of Dixie and love the way Lemon dresses! The little town is so cute as well - their accents are amazing! Great idea for a post :)

    Hannah x

  2. love this combo, will have to try more pastels this season. hope to see you on my blog

  3. Huge Hart of Dixie fan, also huge fan of Lemon's traditional style with a modern edge!

    Great blog!



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