Friday, 30 September 2011


Long time no posts, I do apolgoise because I have been super busy, but I do have lots of great new exciting things to blog about and they will be coming. Anyway, I don't know if anyone has ever signed up or heard of websites that offer sales on brands at all and they go for a select amount of time etc. Well I got an email from the one I signed up to letting me know there was going to be a Wildfox sale coming up. Today was the day it started and I couldn't resist getting a thing or two. I got both shirts pictured above and I'm so excited to get them, Megan has a coupld Wildfox shirts and the fabric is so soft and I really like the cut. You've probably heard about Wildfox before, I know I've seen a lot of celebrities wearing all different designs and they're all so lovely. I ended up paying $39.00 AUD for both shirts with additional $10 shipping. Can't say I am too unhappy about those prices considering the original prices of some Wildfox shirts. 
You can get your hands on some Wildfox sale goodies at Brands Exclusive, or check out Wildfox for their newest range and styles. Are you going to get in on this great sale? 

Talk soon lovelies! 


  1. Sounds great! thanks for sharing :) xx

  2. The slogan tshirt is adorable!

    xx Grace

  3. Oh it sounds great :)

    See you and have a pretty day!

  4. Ohh I like these!! Also, I awarded you girls the Liebster Award! :) x


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