Friday, 16 September 2011

Sue Sensi

Awhile ago I posted about a Jewellery Site called 'Sue Sensi' I posted about it here. Well recently we were contacted by Sue Sensi, they had seen our blog post and wanted to send us something. It was so sweet and so genuinely nice of them to offer to send us something and I have to say I was a little bit excited. 

Well the package arrived and inside were two gorgeous bracelets, the ones I posted which I am in love with! I chose to have the green one and Megan wanted the pink. They're so gorgeous and the quality is great too, the part that I thought was really cool are the little labels that came on it. (see pictures below) 

I love the way the green bracelet looks on my skin, and I love that it's nice and bright just in time for spring/summer. I actually really want to get maybe a few more so I can wear a couple at a time. So what do you think, are these bracelets your style or not? Which colour do you prefer? 

By the way, you girls can get these from Sue's website (it's currently being updated but it'll be available again on the 24th September) 

Also, I've been wanting some like romantic comedies/chick flicks to watch I don't mind if they're new or old I just want some new movies to watch so tell me which ones you like so I can watch them! 


  1. Love! I am checking out the site right now! Gorgeous.

    I also love the green! And I would recommend 'meet me at st louis' for a romantic/comedy movie. However, it is an old one, if your into Breakfast and Tiffany's than you should like that one. :) If you do watch it, tell me what you think! I love it.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog, I hope you have a lovely weekend.


  2. These look really pretty! I like both of them :)

    *Cappuccino and Fashion*


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