Monday, 10 December 2012

Lush Emotional Brilliance Review

As you're probably all aware from reading our blog Megan and I are quite the Lush fans. I did a post a while ago on my ten must have Lush products. So when I heard about the Lush makeup line 'Emotional Brilliance'  I was very intrigued. Our older sister actually gifted these products to me so I was really excited to give them a go.

Emotional Brilliance Translucent Face Powder $19.90AUD 
I've never had any luck with translucent powders, probably because I prefer full coverage powders. This does a great job of mattifying my skin, the only con is the jar it comes in can be quite hard to get a good amount of product out and gets quite messy.

Feeling Younger Skin Tint $19.90AUD 
This is quite possibly the best highlighter I have ever used, it is such a beautiful pearl colour and I love that it doesn't exaggerate my pores. A little of this product goes a really long way and it's definitely worth the money.

Charisma Skin Tint $19.90AUD 
This is similar to feeling younger except it's a bronzer, this is absolutely gorgeous too. Perfect for a summery glow.

Eyes Right Mascara $19.90AUDThis was probably my least favourite product of the bunch, the wand was too small and I feel like for the price there is definitely a better mascara out there. It is great for those looking for a vegan mascara though.

Focus Cream Eyeshadow $24.95AUD 

I love the formula of this and it's easy to apply with a doe foot applicator. It goes on smoothly and looks quite pretty on the lid, it's also great as a shadow base.

Motivation Eyeliner $24.95
I love this pretty teal eyeliner, the brush is super thin and flexible which makes lining your eyes extremely easy. It's great for subtle pop of colour and doesn't irritate my eyes like some liners do.

Glamourous Lipstick $24.95AUD
It seems weird for a lipstick to be in a jar with a doe foot applicator but this really works. The colours are extremely pigmented and easy to put on. They can be a little streaky but it's fine if you do a few coats. Gorgeous is a lovely blue toned pink that reminds me a little of St Germain by M.A.C

Passionate Lipstick $24.95AUD
This is a bright Fushia that lasts a really long time on the lips. All the Lush lipsticks contain Jojoba oil which helps avoid drying and they have a satin finish. It's best to be careful when applying this shade as they do tend to stain quite a bit - which isn't a bad thing.

Believe Lipstick $24.95AUD
I think I've worn this one the most, it's the perfect summer shade that seems to go with everything. Once again it's extremely pigmented and looks great even after a few hours of wear.
Emotional Brilliance, Feeling Younger, Charisma, Glamourous, Passionate, Believe, Eye Right, Focus, Motivation
Overall I think the Emotional Brilliance range is a great first step for Lush in creating a vegan makeup line, I love that the packaging is fully recyclable too. I think they have a really nice range of colours and products to choose from. If I could recommend the must try products I would recommend 'Feeling Younger' highlighter and 'Believe' lipstick as those two definitely stand out to me. It'll be interesting to see if they bring our more products. You can see them all here
Have any of you tried the Emotional Brilliance Range? What's your favourite Lush product? 


  1. WOW! The skin tints and lipsticks look stunning! Unfortunately, I haven't tried any of the Emotional Brillance products yet but I really want to get my hands on some now. Thanks for sharing, dear. :)

  2. I'm really keen to try Emotional Brilliance, but I think the products are very pricey! Passionate is a gorgeous colour though!

  3. Such a great haul! I'm a bit obsessed with Lush right now and I'm not going to lie, I may have bought the fun bar.. for myself..

  4. the first 3 products look amazing! I'd really, really love to try them out soon I'm currently after the bubblegum lip scrub :-) xxxx

  5. LOVE the lip colours! they look so pigmented! i really enjoyed this post,thanks for sharing :)

  6. very sweet red and pink lip colours! :)
    would you like to follow each other?

  7. holy moly
    I just can't ever have enough of Lush <3 :)
    keen for everything!
    I'm New to brisbane and fashion blogging,
    follow me back ;)?


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