Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Rainy Tuesday

Just a few pictures I've seen floating around Tumblr, felt like posting them on this cold and rainy Tuesday. I have an obsession for posting pictures of yummy looking food. It makes me so hungry, which sucks considering I'm on a diet, but nonetheless they're still nice to look at. I also love those neon yellow nails, I spotted a similar polish the other day and am definitely going to pick it up in the next few weeks. I'm off to Brisbane tomorrow to see one of my favourite bands 'Lucero' and for a holiday. I'm really looking forward to buying some new things, hope everyone is doing okay.


  1. these pictures totally made my day! thank you :}

  2. Tumblr always has great images!
    Cutest skull bracelet and I love the nails!

  3. pure eye-candy! the accessories are simply perfect.

    xx // themerrimari

  4. oh gosh! I love nails! aaaah!
    And some accessorise! It cool and lipstick from MAC! ah! God!
    You're amazing girl!

    look my

  5. This is a good start of the day!Love the little skull bracelet. New follower!

  6. lovely post! very inspiring!

  7. I really love that tiny delicate skull bracelet - although I'd be scared it was going to snap off me at any moment...and the neon yellow nailpolish too. Cool inspiration pics :)

  8. That cupcake looks delish and those studded loafers are bitchin' ! x


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