Friday, 28 October 2011

Leopard Loafers + 100 Followers

Hey everyone, so you'll know if you read my last post that I was going to Brisbane to see Lucero (full post coming later). Anyway I did a fair bit of shopping whilst I was down there and these are two of my favourite purchases. For awhile now I've wanted a pair of leopard loafers, I've been seeing them everywhere and new I had to get my hands on some. To my surprise when I walked into Dotti there they were hanging with a pair of red ones. I of course picked up the first pair of size 10's I could find and tried them on. At first they were a little tight (because I'm a Sasquatch) but I couldn't pass them up and most shoes usually stretch out anyway. 
I wore them with a navy pair of trousers from Myer and a white over sized Wrangler singlet, it was comfy for walking around West End but also I think it was still pretty cute. 

The other item that I am absolutely in love with is this fluro greeny/yellow satchel from Sportsgirl. It's the perfect size, it's fits everything I need in it. The only flaw with this bag is the strap it isn't stuck on permanently and I found when I was walking a few times the strap kept coming undone which caused the bag and all of my belongings inside to hit the ground. Not cool when you're walking through a sea of people scrambling all over the ground to pick everything up. I obviously bought a lot more but wanted to show you these because I'm absolutely obbsessed, in fact I wore the loafers last night when I worked on the door for Cold Chisel haha. 

Bag: Sportsgirl - $14.95
Loafers: Dotti - $49.95

On another exciting note, we have reached 100 followers, so I'd like to thank everyone for following and commenting and just being lovely in general. Thank you so much! We will be doing a giveaway for all you lovely followers in the next few weeks, so keep your eyes peeled, and thanks again for the support! 


  1. Those leopard print loafers are fabulous, love! And congrats on 100 followers <3

  2. love those items! esp the loafers :)

    pls look also at mine and become a friend if you like :)

    XO, Carmen

  3. Love that satchel! the colour is amazing, so in at the moment. I may have to do some shopping when I'm on the goldy this week.

  4. those leopard print shoes will pop out on anything. :) congrats on 100.. keep it coming.

  5. Congrats on 100 followers! On a side note, I LOVE the yellow and leopard print together - so vibrant and unexpectedly perfect in combination!

    Aya ♥ Strawberry Koi

  6. Great finds, love them.Congrats for your 100 followers,you have a great blog,I´m your new follower, visit my blog and don´t forget to follow me back girls.Kisses from

  7. love these items! was actually going to get that sportsgirl bag the other day haha



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