Sunday, 15 July 2012

Australis "Nudist" Palette Swatches/Review

I bought this little palette from Target a few weeks ago. I am a big fan of Australis products, they are always on trend and very inexpensive. By now I think most cosmetics companies have bought out a natural eyeshadow palette inspired by the UD Naked Palette. This palette comes with 8 neutral shadows. There was no tester for this product in store so I didn't really know what the colour pay off would be like before I decided to buy it but for the price you can't complain. The swatches don't really do the colours justice.

Cost:  $10-$12.

Colour pay off: The first 3 colours in this palette are very chalky and similar in colour and texture. The last 5 colours have great colour pay off, they also have a buttery feel to them unlike the first 3 (my favourite is the second last shadow).

Packaging: I like that this is really sleek and compact although I do not like the brush that it comes with.

Where to buy: Kmart, Target, Big W etc.

Wear time: I used a primer (UD Primer Potion) under these shadows and they lasted around 6-7 hours.

The only fault in the palette (apart form the first 3 colours) is the fact is has no matte shades. They are all shimmery. For me, I like a matte shade to use in my crease so I wouldn't be able to just use this one palette for a look.

All in all this is a great little drugstore palette.

Would you wear these shadows?


  1. I bought this palette for a friend a while back and then when I saw it for $4.86 only two or so days ago, I had to buy one for myself! So far I'm really liking it! Thanks for the post.

    1. That is so cheap! I'm glad you like it too xo

  2. The last 5 colours look amazing! I haven't seen this palette in my local shopping centre but I didn't need to try this out now!

  3. I haven't seen this palette around in my local stores so it must be new! The last 5 colours are gorgeous and it seems like the palette has a good mix between warm and cool toned colours. I like how cheaper brands are bringing out nude coloured eyeshadow palettes, but I already have the UD naked palette so I don't see myself buying more! Tempting though :P xx

  4. I think I will try this palette out to supplement my craving for the Naked 2 palette. Check me out, follow back? It would be great to follow each other! My Fashion/DIY/HOW-TO/ADVICE/TIPS & TRICKS MAGAZINE BLOG
    xoxo =)

  5. i almost bought this the other week but decided against it simply cos i have both naked palettes and it has no matte shades which is really what im lacking. it is nice though and if i didnt have the naked palettes i would definitely buy it. shame about the first three colours, one or two highlight colours is enough really.

  6. I really want to try this one but I still haven't seen it instore. I'm definitely going to have to stalk my local Target now!

  7. Love these colours - they are so attractive.



  8. I think I might get this palette now :) love the colour shades! x

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