Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Lust Have It June!

So It's probably a bit late but I didn't actually receive this until the last week of June, I noticed a few others also experienced this as well - probably due to the public holidays etc. 

The products included in the June box included: 
1. LonVitalite – 24K Active Golden Yulan Oil Facial Mask  RRP $59.00   
2. LonVitalite – 24K Active Gold Full Eye Mask  RRP $45.00
3. Batiste – Blush Dry Shampoo  RRP $9.95 for 150 ml
4. Bloom – Glitter Eyeliner  RRP $14.95 full size
5. Marc Jacobs – Daisy Eau So Fresh  RRP $115 for 75 ml
6. Marc Jacobs – Daisy  RRP $90 for 50 ml

As you can see it was a pretty decent mix up of products I especially liked the perfume samples. I already own the full size of Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh so it's good to have something for my bag but also I love the smell of the original Daisy so I was happy to get that as well. I really enjoy getting perfume samples, as it's nice to try it before you go and buy the big expensive bottle. As for the face masks I will probably use them but won't be buying the full size for that price when I'm so in love with my Lush fresh face masks. The two products I was enthusiastic about were the dry shampoo and the glitter eyeliner. I find most dry shampoos aside from the ones targeted at brunettes leave white patches in my hair, although this does have a nice smell so I might just have to use it underneath. Instead of the glitter liner I would  have preferred to try the shade and line product by Bloom that others received as I really can't see myself wearing glitter on my lids, except maybe for a costume or something. 

Did anyone else receive the Lust Have It in June? Was it a hit or miss? 


  1. I was a bit torn with the June Lust Have It. I didn't mind it, it just seemed to lack something... like it had too much of the same stuff. Two perfume samples and two masks, kind of lazy? Haha.. oh well let's hope next months is better (and on time! mine was late too!)

    1. I agree it would have been nice to see a mix up of products like the May box. I'm hoping for a great July box too, lets hope the post man doesn't let us down with time delays either x

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  3. Niiiice! at least Daisy samples worth it (I guess)

    See you :)

    1. Yes, I love the perfume samples they're always useful x

  4. I used to get the Glossy Box, but since it turned into Lust Have It, I cancelled my subscription, because I was never that impressed. This spread of products looks okay though, esp the Daisy by Marc Jacobs. You have a really beautiful blog. Loving what I have seen so far!

    Grace x
    secretly styled.

  5. I have the Batiste dry shampoo, I love it. It's a great product xo

  6. I've never heard of Lust Have It before - however I think you have got some lovely products this month and ones that I would actually use lol :)


  7. Ohh those Daisy fragrances are must-haves! :) I've wanted both of them for ages. That whole box is a hit if you ask me ;)

    xoxo Eeva

  8. Lust have it this month was a mixed bag for me. Both the face and eye mask burnt my skin soooo badly and the glitter liner did nothing but smear glitter all over my face :(

    I do always love perfume and mini dry shampoos though. So let's call it 50/50!


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