Monday, 14 January 2013

Bella Box vs. Lust Have It!

With the craziness of December last year I never got around to doing my monthly beauty subscription box posts. This year I'm looking at saving money and using up a lot of what's in my makeup and beauty collection so I'm going to unsubscribe to one if not both boxes - at least for a little while. So basically this post is going to outline the pro's and con's of each box and hopefully with your help it'll make my decision to unsubscribe from either box a little bit easier.

I'll start with Bella Box (pictured is the contents of December 2012's box)


  • Affordable Price $15.00 per month 
  • Monthly membership is available and you can unsubscribe at any time 
  • Always include a great amount of quality products
  • Bellabox has a great rewards system 
  • Great brands including Australis, Benefit, Bioderma, Bobbi Brown, Sally Hansen etc.
  • Comes in a great box that can be used for storage later on  
  • Their online store has great variety 
  • Ships early in the month - usually arrives 2nd/3rd week at the latest 

  • Shares some of the same brands as Lust Have It which can result in double up's (not their fault but has happened) 

Lust Have It (also picture is their December 2012 box) 


  • Affordable price $14.95 
  • Usually contain 5 samples in each box 
  • They also have an online store which you can buy products featured in their box 
  • Also have a great range of brands including Lush, Laura Mercier, NYX, Benefit, Batiste
  • Have VIP presents for annual members
  • They seem to be expanding and fixing their business  
  • Have had product issues for the past couple of months, products in boxes have been sub par
  • Come in a makeup bag - not a huge issue but I have so many they're just going to waste at least you can use boxes for storage
  • Their samples haven't been as generous as other boxes 
  • Shipping - they seem to constantly be having shipping issues, boxes almost always arrive in the last week for me or sometimes even on the last day of the month. 

So as you can see I've discovered more cons for Lust Have It than Bellabox but on the other hand I have thoroughly enjoyed a lot of Lust Have It boxes. I think they just need to go back to how they were at the beginning. I know each brand has a lot of different pro's and con's and I'm sure I've probably missed some. So at this stage I'm torn on wether I should stay subscribed to Lust Have It, Bellabox or either of them.  

What are your thoughts, who would you choose? 


  1. I subscribed to both originally with plans to unsubscribe to one and I just can't choose! I do love Bellabox a tiny bit more though I think. The fact they regularly ship on time and have consistent boxes is a bigger 'pro' for me.


  2. thanks for the comparison. i actually think the double up could actually be beneficial if you really fell in love with a product!
    xx rae

  3. I have actually cancelled my subscription to Bellabox, I am a bit over subscription boxes to be honest!

  4. This looks a lot better than the UK beauty boxes!


  5. I really love the content of this box. Currently I'm not subscribed to any Beauty Box, I prefer to spend the money on products I actually want. xo

  6. Great post! I've always wondered about those boxes!


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