Sunday, 13 January 2013

Obsessed: Candles!

Starting in 2013 I wanted to start incorporating a few other lifestyle things we are interested in including non fashion and beauty products we are obsessed with. So to kick off our new 'obsessed' posts is my current obsession with candles! 
I burn candles a lot, becuase I love the scent filling up my room,  I just think it makes the room feel nicer as a whole. My current favourites have been these three (note: pics were obviously taken before using them) The Lucia damask rose and cypress, Slatkin & Co frosted cupcake and cranberry pear bellini. 

First of all there are a couple of diffences between these candles, the Lucia one is actually soy and here is an article on why soy candles are a lot better than wax candles. Not only that, but this candle smells gorgeous, it's made wuth 100% pure frangrance which means the scent will completely fill up your room. Another plus for this candle is the fact it burns really well, for a little candle it has a really long burning time of 20 hours. I also love the packaging of this candle, the little box is so pretty and I love the simplicity of the actual candle. The Lucia candle is available here at Sapone Soap

The other two Slatkin & Co candles smell ridiculously good, you've probably heard a lot about these if you watch some of the American youtubers. Once again the scent of these can fill up a whole room, my particular favourite is frosted cupcake because it's so sweet and smells delicious. Unfourtunately they're very hard to get your hands on here in Aus but you can try eBay because I've definitely seen them on there before otherwise befriend an American and hope they might send some your way.

What is your favourite brand and scent of candle? Can you recommend some to me?

*The Lucia candle was sent to me, but in no way does it affect my opinion of this product. My reviews are 100% unbiased. 


  1. i need "frosted cupcake" in my life lol this sounds so yummy! thanks for sharing :)

  2. I'll have to pick up a few of these candles while I'm in the US, thanks for the tip :) I hope you're having a lovely weekend. M

  3. I love candles! Frosted Cupcakes seems like my kind of scent xx

  4. I love scented candles too. My favourites are Yankee Candles, but I haven't really tried any other brands.

  5. Frosted cupcake looks like it would smell amazing. I am loving laura mercier candles at the moment. x

  6. I love scented candles, in particular all lavader and vanilla candles ♥ A really delicate scent!
    Federica |

  7. I highly recommend Glass house candles! Frosted Cupcake is on my wishlist <3


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