Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Lust Have It October!

So it is the last day of October and I am finally getting around to doing my Lust Have It post. I couldn't do my September Lust Have It box because one of the nail varnishes broke while it was on the way to me and went everywhere! Luckily there were no nail varnish in this box. Anyway, onto what IS in this months box....

Lancome - Genifique Youth Activator
Limelily Cosmetics - Cream Blush in "Naked"
Lush - Honey I Washed the Kids soap
Taut - Collagen Orange Drink
and six assorted Kerastase sachets which include shampoo, treatment & reconstructor milk.

I'm mostly looking forward to the Honey I Washed the Kids soap - as soon as I opened the box it was all I could smell, I've wanted to try this for ages and it smells so yummy. There are a few other products I am looking forward to in this box and that is the Lancome samples and the Kerastase sachets. I have always wanted to try Kerastase after hearing all the good reviews about their hair products. Katelyn said she had tried the Kerastase samples and really liked them so I'm excited to see what I think about them. 

I like that Lust Have It included a blush, I think it looks really pretty and I'm always looking forward to trying new makeup brands. 

Now about that Collagen Drink, apparently Dannii Minogue swears by it. But I am not so sure, I think it smells a bit off...I will probably end up trying it just because I can but it's not something I would go out and buy, the thought of drinking shark cartilage kinda freaks me out.  

All in all, once again I am very impressed with the products in this months box, it's probably almost time for my November box - haha. 

Did you get this months Lust Have It Box? What was your favourite sample?

If you missed out and would like to get next months go to Lust Have It! website and order yours!


  1. This is so cool :) I love their product :)



  2. Everything looks great! I bet those products are amazing! :)

    (Btw, I'm running a giveaway in my blog! Enter :D)

  3. I just stumbled upon your blog and I think its super cute! I have never heard of this company but I think its an amazing concept. I'm definitely thinking of joining, so thanks for the recommendation!


  4. adore this post. and such a cool idea. I've got a brand new post this weekend. It would mean the world to me if you'd vote for me in this blogger contest. Thanks love. xo


  5. I still have the unopened bottle of the taut drink. Thinking I might just throw it out, don't have the nerve to drink it. Have you tried yours yet?

  6. @Lucinda - No! I have only opened it to smell it. I'm thinking of doing the same.

  7. Love your blog, but also just wanted to say that I ended up throwing the Taut out. The shark cartlidge put me off a little, and then I smelt it and just couldn't bring myself to drink it!

    Did you ever end up trying yours?

  8. Hey Sarah, I never had mine it really freaked me out to be honest. I'm not sure Megan had hers either. The shark cartilage put me off too. x


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