Sunday, 6 November 2011

Benefit: Finding Mr Bright

Awhile ago I got the Benefit Finding Mr Bright kit, if you know me well enough you'll know that I'm obbsessed with Benefit products and the packaging so this was a must have for me. Inside is four sample size Benefit products. Posie Tint, High Beam highlighter, Erase Paste concealer and Girl Meets Pearl liquid pearl for face. It also comes with a little book with ideas and tips for product usage. I want to go through these products individually to let you all know what I think. (see below for individual review)

Posie Tint: This is the pink version of the famous 'Bene Tint' I find this product is perfect on both lips and cheeks but you do have to be quick to blend otherwise it will dry and won't be too forgiving as it is a stain. I also love the little brush and it's perfect for applying to both lips and cheeks and the colour is absolutely gorgeous. 

High Beam: This is probably my favourite product of the pack. To apply it's simple as, inside it has a little brush and you can just dab it on your face in a few different places and then blend. It blends really easy, and the colour of it can either be really bright or quite subtle. I like to wear this with a bit of bronzer for glowing skin. 

Erase Paste: I've always wanted to try this product, when I first opened it I was a little disappointed and scared at the colour of it. It came across quite orange in the pot something I don't need in a concealer. After actually using the product I discovered it wasn't so orange and was actually quite nice and it covers blemishes really well. It is quite thick, which is what I like in a concealer but if you are really pale or like a lighter concealer I wouldn't recommend this product in this shade. 

Girl Meets Pearl: The first thing I want to say about Girl Meets Pearl is it smells amazing, like a weird sour candy or something I really can't pick what it is but I love it. It's a pearly pinky/peachy colour and looks great over the cheeks and I've actually used it all over my face once and it made my skin really glowy. Even though it is pink/peach when it comes out it doesn't necessarily make your face that colour when you put it on, which I really like and it's nice and thin and leaves my skin with a pretty glow. 

Overall, I am in love with this kit and I am so glad I decided to get it, I use one or more of these products every day and I would definitely buy the full size of every single one of these. I also can't get over how gorgeous the packaging of Benefit products are it makes me want to buy so much more. If you want a kit that is for highlighting I would definitely recommend you try this one out. 

Does anyone else love Benefit as much as me? Or has anyone else tried any of these products or some other great Benefit ones? Let me know I love hearing what other people think of brands I love. 


  1. Ahhh I am so obsessed with Benefit at the moment. I have all those products but I want to buy it for the cute mini versions!


  2. Oh lovely set and great colors :)
    Very girly and sweet.

    See you!

  3. such an incredible blog dear!! I'm going to following you right now! I hope you do the same :D
    thanks for your comment! :)


  4. @Moonchild Thank you I love it :)

    @Imogen everything is better in mini size! haha

    @Deppa thanks so much. <3

    @Bea Wow, thanks so much you're too lovely. Checking out your blog and following back x

  5. I love the little kits like this that Benefit does =) Their packaging is always so adorable!


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