Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Stila Naturaleyes Eyshadow Palette

A while ago my sister went overseas and I gave her a list of things I wanted her to get me I asked for the Urban Decay Naked Palette and it was sold out at the Sephora she went to. So she got me the Stila Naturaleyes Eye shadow Palette instead and I'm so glad she did. This palette is seriously amazing, I'm a really big fan of neutral eyes and a bold lip so this is the perfect palette for me. As you can tell by the pictures this palette gets a fair bit of use, in fact they're the only eye shadows besides my Buxom shadow that I actually use anymore. (picture time)

TR L to R top row: Bare, Kitten, Bliss, Sunset, Sandstone
BR L to R: Champagne, Gilded Gold, Luster, Night Sky, Ebony & Smudge Stick Eyeliner in Damsel
The best part about these shadows are that they are so pigmented I can use a really tiny bit on a brush and it will show up perfectly on my eyes. All the colours are amazing as well especially 'Night Sky' I love that it has little bits of blue glitter mixed with the charcoal eye shadow it looks extremely pretty used  for a smokey eye and I love that it's not such a matte finish. Another great thing about this palette is that it comes with a little book that teaches you how to do different looks using all the different eye shadows, it is really handy especially for beginners who are just getting into playing around with different things. I love the fact that this palette has some of the most coveted Stila colours, and the smudge stick it comes with are constantly talked about. I have to say I absolutely love the smudge stick, it is extremely waterproof and it's so smooth and creamy to apply and, I definitely want a few more of these. The only thing I disliked about the smudge stick was that I wound it too far and it broke off so I lost a bunch of product which I was pretty gutted about. 

I have compared this to my sister's naked palette (which was so conveniently in stock at the other Sephora she went to) and I'm going to say I am so happy I have the Stila palette. I think the Stila palette works a lot better in it's natural form because the eye shadows are quite soft, where as the UD Naked Palette works best when the product is used wet (that's my opinion anyway). I think the only thing that get's points down on this product for me is the packaging, I just think it could be a little more sturdy. But in saying that I definitely 100% recommend this palette to anyone who is looking for a neutral eye palette. It comes with everything you need and if you can get your hands on one I'd say do it! It's perfect for beginners as well as it does come with the book and it has a decent amount of shades. It comes at a price of $39 US with a huge $118 value, you can get it at Sephora or if you're an Aussie like me with no friends or family in the states I'm afraid it's going to cost double just like everything else. You can get it from Mecca Cosmetica for a massive price of $80 AUD. It is quite expensive in Australia but honestly it is so worth it, and I'm glad my sister got it for me.

Has anyone else tried any Stila products? What did you think, or would you buy this? 


  1. ooo that sunset shade looks lovely :)

  2. Gorgeous! Champagne and Kitten are very pretty (plus have awesome names).

  3. @Nadiine it really is, so pretty on as well!

    @River Kitten is my fave

  4. That palette looks gorgeous. Very similar to the Naked palette. I love the look of 'Night Sky' its beautiful x

  5. why have i never heard of stila before, it looks lovely! :)


  6. Totally would buy this! the shades and the pigments are beautiful!

    I've always loved Stilla Products!

  7. Ooh! The champagne and night sky are gorgeous! I wish I could afford wonderful makeup like this! I also really like your pretty floral banner!

  8. i want to try this brand! but in the czech sephora i didin´t see it :-/
    great blog!follow you girls, follow us back, if you want :)

    M from



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