Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Update: Brisbane, Bright Eyes & instagraming...

Hi! Just a quick update to show you girls a bit of what Katelyn and I got up to while we went away to Brisbane to see the amazing Bright Eyes.
Hope you enjoy.

  1. Katelyn driving us into the city
  2. Eyebrow threading..
  3. Quick OOTD
  4. Us before going to see Bright Eyes
  5. Pre-drinks with Katelyn & Jade
  6. Bright Eyes!!!
  7. Jade and I
  8. Simple NOTD
  9. Brunch with Jade
  10. My first macaroons
  11. Self portrait....ha
  12. Flying home at sunset
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Let me know if you like these types of posts so I can do more - I am addicted to instagram!


  1. instagram is just too addictive! followed you both ;) Looks like you girls had an amazing time in brissie!

  2. Rust pants goes so well with leopard loafers!
    I like nails too!


  3. I love the color of nail polish! It looks great!
    You made yourself?


  4. I do my eyebrows the same way, ouch!
    Visit my blog andlike my page: http://www.zizistyling.blogspot.com/


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