Monday, 30 April 2012

April Beauty Favourites!

Swatches LtoR: Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation, Thin Lizzy Concealer, BYS Blush, Revlon Lip Butter Strawberry Shortcake, Rimmel Lipstick Pink Gossip, Revlon Lipgloss Pink Afterglow. 

It's that time again for a monthly beauty favourites post, I generally kept my makeup fairly simple in April as I was away for work for a week and didn't want to take a lot in my suitcase. Like most of my favourites posts I'll do a little overview of each product that way you can check them out if you like what you see. 

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation: This foundation has had a lot of hype around the blogging community and with good reason. I'm almost positive I bought the wrong shade in this product as you can see from the swatches above but once I put it on it's not noticeable at all. It goes on smoothly and has a great scent - really fresh and not plasticy at all. On me it provides a medium coverage and it's great for everyday wear. I do suffer from dry skin and this foundation makes me look dewy and awake so I think it definitely lives up to the hype. 

Australis Lash Length Extension Mascara: This mascara was actually sent to me as a part of a trial team, I've tried Australis mascaras in the past and have always been impressed and didn't expect this to be any different. I already have a fairly decent set of lashes, and this only accentuates them in the best way possible. It really does lengthen my lashes a lot and it stays on all day without flaking which is a real bonus. I'm planning on doing full reviews on a few new mascaras I've been trying so expect them in the next few weeks. 

Thin Lizzy Concealer: I got this in my Marc Glossybox I think and I was super skeptical as I'd seen this brand on an informercial and I thought it would be super gimmicky. I was actually really surprised when I started using it because it's a really great concealer.  You only need the tiniest bit of this to cover blemishes as it's nice and thick. I would definitely recommend trying this concealer. 

BYS Blush in Fierce Fuchsia: This was in my March Favourites too, I can't get enough of this blush. I know it looks super crazy in swatches and pictures but with a light hand it gives a lovely flush of colour. 

Revlon Lipgloss in Pink Afterglow: This was the lipgloss I got in the beauty bag deal from Priceline. Revlon lip products are always really lovely but the price is always way too much for me to justify so it was nice to try out a product I normally wouldn't pick up. It is such a great colour and it's not too sticky - I've been wearing this nearly every day in April. 

Rimmel Lipstick in Pink Gossip: I'm usually the girl who wears red lipstick everywhere, but this month for some reason I've been wearing pink lips everywhere. This lipstick was my go to lipstick when I went out, and I think this could be a flattering shade on anyone & I love the matte finish. 

Revlon Lip Butter in Strawberry Shortcake: Another super hyped product - well worth it as well. I don't really need to explain what the lip butter hype is all about. This is a great product and I've been wearing it a lot with the Revlon lipgloss over the top for something different. 

Sorry for the long post but I love sharing what I think about my favourite products for April. I know it's not a huge amount of products but these were my favourites I wore nearly everyday. 

Have you tried any of these products? What were you beauty favourites for April? 
If you've done a favourites post please link me below because I love learning about new products! 


  1. I like this lipgloss! Look so womanly!

    love your blog and you, girlss!♥

  2. Loving the lipstiiiick. I have quite a few lipsticks, but I find it hard to remember to put them on! Bah

    xo Joana

  3. I really want to try the new Rimmel foundation but I have so many on the go already! I love Pink Gossip, the smell is quite strong though do you notice it at all? Revlon glosses are my favourite formulation, and so pigmented :D I've been using the Australis mascara as part of the trial team too, it is very good at separating lashes!

  4. I've just bought the Wake Me Up foundation myself, loving it so far! And I've got some Revlon lip butters too, really liking them too! xo

  5. They seem to be great products! Loved your birthday wish list! Good choices ;D
    Lovely blog, maybe you want to follow each other, on GFC and bloglovin? I'll follow you back for sure :)

    Have a great week!


    "Dicas de saúde, beleza, e exercício físico"

  6. Ah I've heard so much about the Wake Me Up. Going to go and get it tomorrow :)
    Thanks for sharing!

    x Stace

  7. the pink lipstick from Gossip is lovely. the stick is beautifully designed too. Love that now u tell me its Matt.
    U have a great collection!

    ur 177th follower :P

  8. ooh ive wanted that rimmel lipstick for a while but never got it, its so nice though i think i might have to!!

  9. I use the Thin Lizzy concealer - I think it's great.
    I don't use their powders though, they're way to dark for me (even the lightest shade!)

  10. They look great! I love the lip-colours
    Thanks so much for following <3 I'm following back on GFC

    xoxo Sootjeelina <3

  11. Just found your blog through you following me on Instagram, glad you did I love it! Rimmel wake me up is so good, it's easy to get the wrong shade though, they're so limited! Xx

  12. Great post, you've featured some brilliant products! Love your photos too xo

  13. I love the Revlon Lip Butters as well! I've been wanting the Strawberry Shortcake for a while now, but they are always out of stock :( I would recommend the color Tutti Frutti if you are every looking for a coral color!

    - Nita

  14. I've had such negative experiences with Rimmel foundation! didn't know these were all the rage over the internet. I might go check this one out and hopefully it doesn't disappoint! :) love all the lippie colours too. So tempted to get those lip butters! :P

  15. I was also pleasantly surprised by the Thin Lizzy concealer! I use it both under my eyes and on blemishes and it works wonders, it lasts for ages on the skin too :)

    Shell xx

  16. I was also pleasantly surprised by the Thin Lizzy concealer! I use it both under my eyes and on blemishes and it works wonders, it lasts for ages on the skin too :)

    Shell xx


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