Monday, 2 April 2012

March Favourites!

I can't believe it's April already, this year is going so fast. So since March has ended I wanted to share with you what beauty products I used frequently throughout the month. 

Makeup Products:
Mac Mineralize Skin Finish Natural - Medium 
Physicians Formula Bronze Booster -  Medium/Dark 
Mac Lipstick - Ruby Woo 
Benefit Erase Paste - No 2. Medium 
Australis Eyebrow Pencil - Dark Brown
BYS Blush - Fierce Fuchsia
Models Prefer Mattifying Primer

Moroccan Oil 
Lush Ocean Salt 
Lush Snow Fairy 
Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion - Very Dry/Combination Skin

A pretty good look at what I wore a lot in March. Although I've worn Ruby Woo almost every single month since I got it. It is my go to red lipstick and I love the matte finish. 

Have you tried any of these products? What were in your March Favourites? 
If you've done a blog post/youtube video etc on your favourites leave your link below so I can check them out! 

If you want an individual review on any of the products above let me know I'm kind of obsessed with doing reviews at the moment. 

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  1. i want to try that clinique moisturiser as ive heard good things!

    1. It's really good, makes my skin feel really nice in the mornings. You should go to the Clinique counter and ask for a sample :)

  2. lovely faves want to try Moroccan oil soo bad!! x

    1. It's really great, makes my hair feel so nice after I wash it. I have really bad split/dry ends and I love this.

      Thanks for the kind words xx

  3. Really want to try the Moroccan oil, I've used Lee Stafford's before but always wanted to try this one. The Lush Snow Fairy looks lovely too!
    Dreams and Dresses

    1. You should, it's a really great product. Lush Snow fairy is heaven, they only sell it around Christmas though.

      Thanks for the comment xx

  4. Thanks for your lovely comment :) My hairdresser uses Moroccan oil on me and it always makes my hair feel fab, Im not a biggy for makeup so I mostly use cheapies haha xx

    1. That's okay Sarah, I love cheap makeup too haha xx

  5. I bought a big bottle of Moroccan oil today. IT SMELLS SOOO GOOD. Also what do you think of Erase Paste? I've been wanting to try it out!

    1. Haha that's so funny because at first I was like wtf it smells weird, now I really love it.

      Erase paste is awesome, it doesn't have many shades though. I would definitely recommend, you should go to the benefit counter in Myer and test it out. I think they have a few others that I've heard good things about! <3

  6. I'd definitely like to try these items out!! Thanks for sharing :)
    Hope you'd be able to check my site out at as well if you have the time and maybe share your thoughts through a comment.
    There're links to my facebook page and bloglovin if you happen to like what you see, I've done the same! :)


  7. I really reeaaly want to try some Morrocon oil as my hair is terrible! I have Ruby Woo too, it's one of my favourites! I also have the Lush shower gel, it smells amazing!! x

  8. I want to try the moroccan oil.. and the snow fairy is also my favorite, it smells like bubblegum.. hmmmm I love it


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