Monday, 20 August 2012

Cotton On Exclusives Wishlist

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Lately I have been absolutely loving Cotton On, they have such a range of on trend pieces for really good prices. All the above pieces are things I'd love to own and think I could wear them a million different ways. I've been so tempted to order a few things but know I should really be saving for IMATS. I'll guess i'll see how my bank is after my next pay, and fingers crossed I can order a few things. I am especially loving the pleated skirt, trousers and the kitschy cadillac peplum top! 

Have you checked out Cotton On? What are you lovely ladies currently saving for? 


  1. I should be saving for so many things including IMATS. Which day are you going? It would be lovely to meet you.

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  2. These look so pretty Katelyn - I didn't know of the brand so thank you for introducing it to me xo

  3. Whoa, I am in love with that lace peplum skirt! Totally wouldn't expect to find that at Cotton On, will be going to check it out :)

    Shell xx

  4. These items are so amazing! I'm definitely going to head in store to check them out when I have time!!

  5. The skirt <3
    These days my mind is only focused on a dress that I'm making.

    See you!

  6. Just bought some bits in the sale today, totally want most of their stuff but I always find I'm better to wait it out and snap it up when its reduced!

  7. I usually just walk straight past Cotton On but I think I might need to go check them out after seeing some of these pieces!



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