Sunday, 26 August 2012

Lust Have It August!

This month's box is to celebrate Lust Have It's 1st birthday, instead of the makeup bag we've been getting, this months came in a pretty white box with a black ribbon - I much prefer this packaging it's so chic, not to mention I was running out of things to use the bags for. 

As for the contents this month included: 
Tan Go Tanning Glove - $29.95 
Tigi Rockaholic Rock Out Shine Blaster - $27.95
Model Co Eyeliner Black - $26.00
Marc Jacobs Dot Fragrance - $160.00
Appelles Skin Detox Shower Gel - $12.95
Appelles Body Booster Skin Lotion - $12.95 
Appelles Body Bar Vegetable Soap - $4.95

So this months box seemed to have a bit of a better selection, than what the July box did. When I opened it I was instantly drawn to the Dot perfume and the Tigi Shine Blaster, the shine blaster smells really great and I can see me getting some good use out of this. Again it's always great to get perfume samples especially the Marc Jacobs ones because I usually enjoy his scents. 

Now onto the things I was less impressed with, the tanning 'glove' is more of a tanning cloth. I haven't worn fake tan in years and I usually exfoliate it off anyway. They did say you could use this as a makeup remover so I might give that a whirl. There's nothing wrong with the Model Co eyeliner, but I feel like I've got a million black eyeliner pencils from sample boxes. I would have much preferred a liquid liner or something. The last products were shower products, these all smell really nice and I'll probably use them, I just thought for their first birthday Lust Have It would have gone all out. 

I also noticed the annual subscribers received a pair of pearl earrings as a special birthday gift. I feel like that's a bit upsetting to the members including myself who have been subscribed as monthly members since day one, and even the other people supporting their business. It would have been a nice gesture for us all to receive something special. 

Overall it was a better box than July, and I was mostly impressed with the contents hopefully next month they will improve even more. 

Did you get Lust Have It this month? What did you think? 


  1. I absolutely loved the packaging of this month's Lust Have It, I was getting a little sick of the bags haha. I thought I was the only one who didn't receive the earrings, haha! Nice to find out it was only for annual subbies and I wasn't the only one who missed out.

    You received some lovely products, I hope you enjoy the Appelles goodies :)

  2. Ive started using that tanning "glove" (lol how its a glove baffles me) as a flannel for my face after i cleanse (sort of like a hot cloth) and I think it works really well. im pretty happy with this months box actually xo

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  4. Mmm I know what you mean - it's nice but doesn't blow your mind, especially as it's their birthday box...

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  6. Looks like a really cute box! I definitely agree about the extra thing, they need to reward long standing members for sure!


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