Saturday, 9 July 2011

My First Chanel.

 Hello Dolls.

It was my 21st birthday on the 5th of July and I finally got some Chanel cosmetics! I have been wanting to try Chanel for a long time so it was really great that I received a few items for my birthday.  I got two lipsticks & the brow kit. I got two different kinds of lipstick, one is the Rouge Coco Shine in 56 "Chance" which is described as a hydrating sheer lip shine and the other is Rouge Coco in 76 "Sari Dore" which is described as a hydrating creme lip colour. I noticed that the Rouge Coco Shine is quite a bit smaller (less product) than the Rouge Coco. The Coco Shine is only .1 OZ, the Rouge Coco is .12 OZ with only a $2 price difference. I think if I buy another lipstick, I would go for the Rouge Coco as the wear time is longer and it is better value for money.

Anyway, onto the Le Sourcil De Chanel - perfect brows. This is the cutest little compact I think I've ever seen, it comes with three different shades, two brushes and a set of mini tweezers. It is basically foolproof, all three shades can be mixed to create whatever colour you need. I feel like this kit will last a very long time which makes it a little easier to justify spending so much money on one product, it cost $109 here in Australia - luckily it was gifted!

All in all I am very impressed with the quality of these Chanel products. I can tell you now that I will definitely be buying more!

I took a few photos to show you what they look like. Sorry the colours in the photos aren't exactly true to colour due to poor lighting, but I think you'll get the idea.


The cross earings are from Sportsgirl.

Please let me know if you think Chanel cosmetics are worth the money/if you any recommendations for my future Chanel cosmetic purchases.

I hope you're all liking our new layout! We love to hear feedback.


  1. Never tried these products. But they look amazing.
    Loving your new layout! :)

  2. I use the Chanel foundation and I love it... although it's a little oily... Happy belated :)

  3. The lipsticks looks lovely, kinda want to try them now:)

  4. You have got a very pretty blog, everything is lovely!
    This post makes me want to buy Chanel make up. Makes my latest post look a bit poor! x

  5. Happy belated birthday! looks like you got spoilt :) I really love the chanel lipsticks xx

  6. Happy birthday!! Congrats on ur first Chanel, those lipsticks look gorgeous - lucky you :)
    Loving the new layout as well.. really fresh :)

  7. happy belated brithday!

    they look soooooo lovely i've never brought chanel but now you've tempted me :)

    followed back btw! xxx

  8. Happy belated birthday!
    Lovely things! Those earrings are so nice! actually everything is nice! ^-^
    xx paris

  9. I've never had a Chanel anything, I think I'd be afraid to use it :)

  10. Hi! I never tried nothing Chanel but the nail polish...I bought the Vendetta ...It's kind of a violet...A beautiful colour but sadly it goes really fast...It chips a lot after 3 or 4 days... I am habituate to use cheap ones like Sally Hansen or Maybbelline and they last the same time... I even think that my favourites..Revlon, stay longer and better! But that is just my nailpolish experience...I wish I could buy a huge kit like that and try it! :D And I hope everything you bought works super great! xoxox


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