Monday, 18 July 2011

Topshop Wishlist/Help

Just a quick little wishlist post, I was on the Topshop website the other day and was looking through and found so many things I liked. I know their prices aren't the most affordable but they honestly have some of the nicest stuff. I've never ordered clothes off Topshop so I'm a bit worried about the sizes, and I want those creepers so much. I converted the Pounds to AUD  and they only ended up being around $50 which is amazing, but I'm not sure what size to get. I am an Australian 10 and the conversion chart says I should be a 40 but I'd rather have shoes too big than too small. Can someone let me know what their sizes are like with their shoes/clothes because that would be really appreciated and I hate returning things. I am also obsessed with the nail polish and those sunglasses, seriously I think I'm going to get those because I won't have to worry about sizes, and as always I am lusting over grey t-shirts I don't think you can ever have enough because they go with everything! 

Would you buy any of this stuff? What is your experience with Topshop shoe/clothes sizing? 
Please let me know 


  1. I really wanna buy the grey top and striped dress.

    Personally i wouldn't buy this stuff because i think it's waaaaay overpriced.

    With the sizin, personally it's pretty accurate. Just order 2 sizes and see which one fits best i always do that :)

    p.s thanks for commenting on my blog!

  2. Yes they are both really nice and casual as well! I think a lot of the stuff on Topshop is overpriced but I don't really have much choice in clothing where I live we miss out on a lot of the shops here. I will have to just make a guess with sizes I think and go with it!

    & That's okay! <3

  3. Topshop is one of my Favorite brands... Love the striped dress :)

  4. OMG how much is that stripped dress. I MUST HAVE!

  5. @Fashionablecelebs the striped dress is £29.00!

    and you can find it on topshop here:[276007|208523]&noOfRefinements=1

    sorry about the enormous link


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