Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Review: Rimmel Sexy Curves Waterproof Mascara

I should probably start with the story behind why I even purchased this mascara, I was down in Brisbane to see Bright Eyes and also to go to Harvest Festival to see them again. I went into the city before it started to pick up a few essentials and decided I should probably get a waterproof mascara because I obviously didn't want to have panda eyes standing around at a hot festival. So on a whim and remembering I'd heard someone raving about this product I bought it. 

I don't even remember applying it the first time probably because I was so giddy with excitement to go and see Conor Oberst typical me. I have now finished this mascara and wanted to let you all know what I think. See more below for a full review! 

Now onto the review, I find it easier to break it into parts so that's what I'm going to roll with.

Formula: I find it did dry out quite quickly, and the smell of this product wasn't very pleasant in comparison to others I use. Initially the formula wasn't too bad, it wasn't dry at all and spread quite well without clumping the lashes. The best part, which actually impressed me was how waterproof it actually was. I found even after sweating or swimming it doesn't run and you do need to use a decent makeup remover or cleanser to get this mascara off.

Brush: The brush is not too bad, but I much prefer a thicker brush for my lashes as it helps volumize and lengthen. I find that this brush probably isn't the best for 'curving' your lashes, but it's thin bristles are really great for separating the lashes and also helps decrease the clumps.

Packaging & Price: I actually love the packaging of this product, the colour and the metallic outside is eye catching and something I would definitely be attracted to in the store. I think Rimmel always have great packaging and this mascara is no exception. The price of this mascara ranges from about $11AUD - $18AUD, which is a reasonable price for a drugstore mascara.

I think overall, it isn't a bad mascara but I definitely wouldn't call it a favourite. I think it's just I look for completely different things in a mascara to what this actually offers. In saying that if you are looking for a decent price, waterproof mascara that separates and darkens your lashes this is probably a product worth checking out. I feel like the waterproofness (probably not a word) of this product is really great, and it does stay on all day without flaking and smudging.

Overall I give this product a 3 out of 5! 

You can buy it at Priceline, Supermarkets, Big W & Target here in Australia and probably everywhere else that sells Rimmel wherever you live.

Have you tried this product before? What is your favourite drugstore mascara?

Note: this mascara was purchased by me, and my reviews are 100% my honest opinion.  


  1. Really great review! I would probably get it just for the packaging haha. I was using Falsies mascara (by Maybelline I think?) and it's pretty terrible, so I changed to some Elizabeth Arden stuff and it's sooo good, looks really natural and doesn't get all clumpy. Shame it costs about a million times more!

    1. Haha yeah, I hate when you find a really good mascara and it costs a fortune. I'm glad there is someone else out there like me who buys things based on packaging haha

  2. Thank you for sharing this! X


  3. Great review! I haven't used a Rimmel mascara in years but I actually like this type of brush so must bear this one in mind.


    1. You should, I think if you like this style it will probably be something you'd like <3

  4. Great review! I agree with you, its definitely not one of my favourites xx

    1. Thanks for the comment, glad you liked it!
      Will check out your blog and follow xx

  5. ps: decided to follow your awsome blog!


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