Thursday, 8 March 2012

Winter Basics Wishlist...

So it's March already and I am getting so, so excited for Winter to be here. I have put together a little wishlist of some basic items I am lusting after. 
Listed from left to right (top row first)
  1. Fan Club shirt by Wildfox 
  2. Clean Pu Biker Jacket from Topshop
  3. Large Runway Double Glitz Watch by Michael Kors
  4. Simple Cross top from Wildfox 
  5. Burgundy Pleated Skater Skirt from Sportsgirl 
  6. Speckle T-shirt Mini Dress from Topshop in Yellow
  7. Speckle T-shirt Mini Dress from Topshop in Gray (I have a habit of buying the same thing in different colours)
  8. American Apparel Large clutch
  9. Amble Boots in Black from Topshop
  10. Black Disco Pants by American Apparel (not pictured above but you can find them here)

Are you as excited for Winter as I am?


  1. YES! I am stoked! I am already filling my closet with winter things (well, with whats out anyway)!! It's just so much fun mixing and layering! Great choices! Love the cross jumper. xx

  2. I love those topshop dresses but they just don't suit me. :( Love the cross sweater too x

    1. Aw, I'm sure they don't look bad don you. I think they're gorgeous. I want one in every colour!

  3. I'm definitely going to be excited for winter once summer rolls around here in Florida lol. Love your picks.

  4. So hard to wrap my head around as we move towards Spring :)

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  6. This is a gorgeous wishlist!
    Just to let you know Primark have a lighter grey version of that dress in at the moment for £8 and a slightly longer, belted version for £10.

    1. Aw, thanks for letting me know but we don't have Primark in Australia. I always see the English girls getting the cutest and cheapest things from there. If only they had an online shop....


  7. love the topshop dresses! really want one! yeah im heading into spring/summer now, not winter such an odd concept! haha
    really like your blog! xx

  8. I just got that MK watch as a gift, and it's very blingy - any ideas for being able to wear it without looking like I'm trying too hard? I've experimented with stacking bracelets, which of course helps, but in general, do you think it's too blingy??

    1. i should add - the general reaction from friends is that it's kind of gaudy. i personally see it working and it being very fashionable if the rest of your outfit is fairly simple, but their reactions are scary!

    2. If you love it you should wear it, don't worry what your friends say. Not everything you wear is going to be to their taste.

      I think you could wear it with a lot of different things. In winter it would look great with a big chunky knit and leather pants/leggings. I'd agree with you to keep it simple, if you wanted to wear other jewelry with it try maybe some delicate chain bracelets on the other wrist or a long chain necklace depending on the outfit to balance it out, because you don't want too much otherwise it will take away from the awesome watch!

      I hope this helped, I couldn't get on your blog or email you to reply directly xx


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