Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Asos Purchases

Just a quick little post as I haven't had much time lately between trying to get fit and healthy to working and  just being busy in general. I did do a little bit of online shopping yesterday though and just wanted to show you some things I bought  that I'm waiting for and I'm just a little bit too excited.
I bought all items from the ASOS clearance section, which by the way is amazing everything is such a great price and the even better part about ASOS? Free Shipping! I could have spent a lot more money but I settle for a few pieces that I 'need' (yeah right), anyway here's what I got.

So, I only ordered bottoms because I honestly don't have many of them and with spring/summer coming up I wanted some nice light colourful clothes just to wear with basic/vintage t-shirts. The watch was an add on at the end I saw it in the clearance and just had to have it, there is something about the colour of it that I really liked. Can't wait for everything to arrive, I'm currently waiting on three packages in the mail getting a little bit impatient ha ha. 

What have you bought recently? 


  1. I love ASOS! Am yet to buy anything from there though!

    Gorgeous purchases! They will be fantastic for Spring and Summer. Love the shorts especially and the skirt! Lol.


  2. Everything looks so pretty :) Its been a while since I have ordered from Asos, so happy they have free worldwide shipping now :)

    Love Christine ♥

  3. love it!


  4. Omgsh so envious! I buy wayy too much from asos, I've been trying to cut my spending back - but I was looking at getting that skirt, didn't see the shorts but now I want them too!!


  5. Those are gorgeous pieces! I've never heard of that store but I have to check it out now!

  6. I just love the colourfull shorts and the beautiful watvh! :)

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  7. Asos is sooo addictive!! Once you start adding to the shopping bag it's so hard to stop :)Great choices!!

    Please check out my blog x



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