Sunday, 21 August 2011

Lust Have It!

This week I received my first Lust Have It sample box. Basically it is a monthly subscription which only costs $14.95 including shipping if you live in Australia. We did a post on it a little while back so it has more info if you'd like to read it here! This is the first ever Lust Have It box and we were lucky enough to be sent our first one complimentary from Nicci the creator behind the boxes. I was very impressed with the five items that were in the first box. I am yet to test out all of the products as I only got it last Wednesday, but the products I have tried have been really great.
Here is what was in the very first Lust Have It box....

The brands in the first box include, Burts Bees, Armani, Naked Tan, Mirenesse, Bio Effect, and Dermalogica. I think the part both Katelyn and I really liked about the boxes were that the products weren't tiny little packets of samples. They were either a full or travel size amount of the product, which ultimately gives you more of an idea of how the product is because you get more than one use out of it.

Out of everything I am mostly looking forward to trying out the Bio Effect EGF Serum & the Naked Tan because it smells amazing. So far I have used the Mirenesse lipgloss & the Dermalogica exfoliant which I loved. The lipgloss is such a nice shade and it makes my lips look really plump without the burning feeling of most other plumpers I have.

Let me know if you would like to see a review on a particular product from my Lust Have It box and I will do that once I have have finished the sample.

If you live in Australia and would like to try out Lust Have It go to Lust Have It. You can get a monthly or yearly subscription, which I highly recommend. I am really excited to get my next months box.

Did anyone else get a Lust Have It box?


  1. Thanks for sharing! I am going to check out the site now. Looks amazing!


  2. so nice! Looks interesting, I want it.

  3. There are also GLOSSY BOX .

    I was happy to see you on my blog:)

  4. Oh love this idea, i need it! :))
    Followed you kast week, check out my blog?


  5. What a awesome idea! I adore trying out new cosmetics and such ... to bad I am stateside but can't wait to read your reviews :)

    ❤ Cat brideblu

  6. I got mine too and love it! Great post xx


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