Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Review: Australis Eyeshadow Primer

So it's been a little while since I've done a review on anything, in that time I've bought a lot of stuff which I really want to do reviews on so I will hopefully get around to that soon. This review is on a new product that I picked up at target for $12.95 which isn't that expensive so I was happy to try it out. The product is 'Australis Eyeshadow Primer'. I've wanted an eye primer for ages now, and after using my sisters Urban Decay one I could really see the difference they make. Unfortunately there is nowhere to buy Urban Decay where I live so I've been looking for one that is affordable and accessible.

Here's what Australis Says:
Primer made specifically for eyelids to extend the wear of eyeshadow colour. It is an oil controlling formula with silica and eye shadow magnets, providing heavy-duty staying power that's gentle on the eye area.

Here's what I say:
Packaging: The primer comes in really cute packaging it's a metallic pink and black, which looks nice and sleek, it's also pretty lightweight which is also good if you need to carry it around in your bag. I also love the shape of it, and I'm sorry my photos don't do it justice but if you see it in real life you'll understand what I mean - two thumbs up for the packaging.

Application: The applicator for the primer is one of those sponges that you often find in lipgloss, it goes on nice and smooth and the colour is pretty much transparent when on and blends in really nicely for a smooth finish.

Does it work: I found that it worked okay, the best thing about it was the way it made my eyeliner stay dark all day, as it usually just comes off. Eyeshadow wise I don't think it made a huge difference but in saying that I didn't have a huge amount of elaborate eyeshadow on that day. I will definitely be using it again with maybe a smokey eye and see if it makes any difference to the staying power of the eyeshadow.  But for now I'd say it's great for making eyeliner stay, but I couldn't see a huge difference in the eyeshadows just yet, it is a tiny bit darker though. I will probably do an updated review on a different eyeshadow look and see if that makes any difference.

Let me know if you've tried it, or if anyone could recommend me a good affordable eye primer that would be awesome!

P.S: On my eyes I'm wearing colours from a natural Nyx Palette, Milani Liquid Eyeliner & Benefit Bad Gal Lash. Please excuse my horrible eyebrows too!


  1. Never even knew there was an eyeshadow primer! I guess I don't wear eyeshadow enough! This looks great though, you can see a slight difference, it makes your "primer" eye shinier.

    Totally wish I could have amazing eyeliner skills like yours! Haha.


  2. Whoa the difference is so obvious. I definitely need to pickup a primer asap!

  3. You should definitely get Lime Crime's primer. It is really amazing, and works so well. You can get it on their website, and considering the USD and AUD are pretty close at the moment it won't be too expensive for you!

  4. @Steph I've gotten a lot better you should see my eyeliner a few years ago ha ha ha!!

    @Coily Do you think? You'll have to let me know which one you get!

    @River I saw your review on it, and it worked so well I'll definitely be taking a look at that. x

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  6. @Fash Boulevard thank you so much that is seriously so lovely. I've checked out your blog and it's awesome, such a great read & we are of course following xo

  7. Nice post! =)) Keep blogging ^^

    Please check out my blog ^^

  8. I like it although it'a bit expensive here in New Zealand, it cost me 20dol.


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