Saturday, 11 June 2011


So I'm sure everyone has seen these, they're pretty much everywhere at the moment and I am loving the trend. There is so many different styles and heights of these babies and I want a pair! I don't know if I'd be willing to spend an enormous amount though so they sadly could be out of my reach. I found a the neon pink Ego and Greed pair on Solestruck for around $90 but after reading the reviews they aren't easy to walk in due to the narrowness of the shoe which is a shame. I'd have to say the Pradas or the Marc Jacobs are my favourite but I could definitely not afford them and probably wouldn't wear them too often. I'd maybe want some like the bottom pair that aren't too high but I can't find any so if any of you flatform lovers aren't as lazy to do research like me I'd love to be pointed in the right direction I know Topshop have some lower platform sneakers well they call them creepers which I've had my eye on but I love the sandal look as well! 

Do you love flatforms or do you hate them? 


  1. I've never seen these before..don't think the trend has reached here yet!

    Can't say they appeal to me, interesting trend though.

  2. A few girls i work with have been rocking these lately. they are do able depending on the individual.

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  3. i hate these sorts of platforms, i love wedges and i love a standard stacked heel but not these, reminds me too much of my spice girl loving days where my sister and i would dress up as one of them and put on shows for our family. lol! still a good memory but i dont want to relive it

  4. I love them, they are very 90's Spice Girl era though. But I think they can still work! xo

  5. I'm really not feeling this trend. But I do remember that I used to wear these kind of shoes when I was in elementary, they were huge at the time. :D

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