Friday, 24 June 2011

Lust Have It

Okay, so you've probably heard about companies joining up with cosmetics companies to bring you samples to your door each month. Well hold on to your hats, because it's finally happening in Australia, Lust Have It is the very first one to be launching and you can sign up here. It begins in July so you can sign up for your first box and it will arrive in August. It will be your very own box of exclusive beauty, skin and hair care products sent right to your door.

We are so excited about this, Lust Have It boxes will have brands such as, Burts Bees, Dermalogica, Kerastase, Lancome, Mirenesse, Naked Tan, Pure Fiji, L'Oreal and Urban Rituelle all fantastic brands and we're especially excited for Burts Bees and Demalogica - YAY. So you're probably thinking this sounds great but why would you pay money for sachet samples that you can go and get from your beautician, well you're not. The samples will be of a decent size just like a mini version, or travel version of the product and maybe even some of full size. For brands that only offer their samples in sachets you will get several instead to make up for it. The boxes are only $14.95 a month including postage and you can pay for it monthly or subscribe for one year.

Another really cool part about Lust boxes, is that when you purchase a box you earn points which you can choose to spend on full size products of the samples that you loved in the online store. Honestly this is such a great concept and anyone is available to sign up to Lust Have It so I suggest you all do, or at least check it out because they are doing a $500 ultimate beauty prize pack to one of the lucky people that signs up to the mailing list. The lovely founder of this brilliant idea, Nicci has assured us that they have allocated a decent amount of boxes that will be available to buy, but if you miss out there won't be any more chances to get that box so I'd be sure to get in quick and sign up here.

Who else is super excited about this, I know we are both really looking forward to getting our first boxes and are looking forward to the surprise of seeing what's inside. However here is little spoiler for all of you dying to know what's inside, we have been told there will be a Dermalogica sample in the first months box and coming in one of the months after there will be a full size polish valued at $19.95 so you're already getting products worth more than the price you're paying, perfect!

So for all of you lovely people who are reading this, I'd love for you to check out the Lust Have It website and sign up, this is seriously an opportunity you don't want to miss. They also have a Facebook  which you should check out. Let's help spread the word about Lust Have It boxes!

Who is looking forward to this idea? Has anyone signed up for the mailing list yet?
Let us know! Also if you have any more questions feel free to ask.
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  1. Wow! This sounds great!! Thank you for posting about this! xx

  2. I know, finally it's happening here! :D

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  4. Yay, that is so awesome you guys have that now! Can't wait too see your posts on it!

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    I've awarded you with the best blog award :D
    Go check it out.
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