Monday, 27 June 2011

Blog Awards

So we've been awarded two blog awards, by two lovely people.

The first is the Butterfly Award

We were awarded this by Chloe! Who has a lovely blog, and is very sweet so you should go and check it out! 

Rules of the Award:

- write a random fact about yourself
- pass the award on
- notify the bloggers who got it

Katelyn's Random fact: I have a horrible habit of doing a manicure and then picking it all off a day or two later, I'm trying to stop

Megan's Random fact:  I love clean sheets on my bed

We are passing this on to Imogen Loves & Floral Children

Now on to the second award 

We were also lucky enough to be given an award from Elle, and she also has a gorgeous blog and she is so nice so you have to check out her blog too! 

The Rules...
1. Link back to the person who awarded this award to you
2. Share 7 Random things about yourself

1. I have size ten feet - it's hard to find shoes
2. I am taller than both my sisters, but younger
3. My Mum is the best
4. I'm becoming addicted to online shopping 
5. I check my email everyday 
6. I love Harry Potter the books & movies
7. I'm 18 

1. I am turning 21 next week
2. I like to take photos
3. My boyfriend is my best friend
4. I never have time for anything anymore
5. I have eyelash extensions
6. My puppy's name is Lua
7. Lipstick obsession

3. Award 15 blogs
(We know it's not 15, but these are all great blogs)

4. Answer the following questions

Name your favourite colour? - K: Turquoise/Red, M: Coral/Pink//Black
Name your favourite song? - K: Any Ryan Adams/Bright Eyes, M: My answer is the same as Katelyns.
Your favourite desert? - K: Cake, M: Pudding & Custard
What is pissing you off? -  K: Messy house, M: Lack of sleep
When your upset, you? - K: Get angry, M: Don't talk to anyone
Your favourite pet? - K: Our dogs Skye & Pixie, M: Skye, Pixie & Lua.

Black or White? - K: Black is classic, but white is nice and fresh, M: Both
Your biggest fear? - K: Sharks, M: Death
My best feature is? - K: I like my eyes, M: Hair?

Everyday attitude? - K: Try to be positive, M: Go with the flow
What is perfection? - K: Everyone has different views on that, M: I agree with Katelyn
Guilty pleasure? - K: Hot Chips, M: Anything with sugar


  1. Thank you for the nomination girls! I also find Crosswiredramers a great blog, congrats to you both on your award nomination also :)

  2. Wow, thanks guys :). This is my first award and I'm so excited. Gonna do a post on it ASAP.

    And I also find your blog lovely.

  3. I just did the post on this award. You can check it out here, if you like to:

    Thanks again for the award, girls :)

  4. Hey Katelyn and Megan, thank you so much! You guys are so sweet :)


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