Thursday, 2 June 2011

New/Old - Good/Bad

So this is just some products I've either recently started using or ones that I've had for awhile that I really love. 
Here is the products I have featured. 

1. Savvy By DB Mineral Powder 
Well I am actually really loving this product I bought it at Priceline last week you could buy two products and get the third free and the best part, the actual powder is only $10 and use a pretty good liquid foundation so I don't need a hugely expensive powder really just something to set it. I think the colour matches perfectly and it has pretty good staying power. I wish the packaging was a little prettier but you can't be too picky when something is so cheap. I'd really recommend this product to someone on a budget  - loving it! 

2. Nyx Green Concealer 
I actually stole this of my sister (sorry Megan) I really needed a concealer one day and I found this. I don't particularly like the idea of a green concealer I think it's meant to take the redness away but it honestly doesn't work on me. If anything it makes my skin look so blotchy, I think I need to invest in a nice skin colour one - so if someone could recommend me one that'd be good. 

3. Australis Translucent Finishing Powder
Like all Australis products I love this, I like putting it on when I feel a bit oily but don't want to have cakey powder. It has a really weird texture on kind of really smooth on your face it feels lovely. I don't use it that much but it is great when I do use it.

4. Savvy by DB Powder 
This is just the non mineral powder I got this in the buy two get one free, I also love this product I probably love the mineral one just a bit more. But I find I get a nice finish from either.

5. Impassioned lipstick by M.A.C 
I love love love the colour of this lipstick for ages I have been looking for a bright pink lipstick I ended up buying this off eBay because M.A.C is so expensive in Australia and we don't have a M.A.C counter where I live. I really love this lipstick although my lips have to be super moisturized otherwise it picks up the little bits of dry skin and doesn't look so nice, even though it's not a matte finish.

6. Nars Orgasm Illuminator
I got this for free with my Sephora beauty points, I absolutely love this. I would even get a full size of this product even though you only need the tinyest amount and I have so much left. It has a lovely shimmer and you can even wear it just as a subtle glow on your cheeks if you're doing a dramatic eye or something. 100% recommend this product.

7. Body Shop Bronzer 
This is probably my fall back blush on most days if I don't want to go with a pink or an orange. I never use it as an actual bronzer because I don't like the way bronzers look on my skin. It is however a lovely blush and looks great just lightly dusted on the cheeks or even when I wear fake tan it adds a bit of glow. It's great because it's not a super shimmery bronzer like nearly every other one I've tried which just looks ridiculous on me.

8. Savvy by DB shimmer eyeshadow
Last but not least, this was also purchased in the deal. This one was the one I got for free so I can't actually remember how much it cost but I know it wasn't overly expensive. I always love finding light eyeshadows to dust all over your eyelid and up to just under the eyebrow for a shimmer. I like this product a lot and for the price of all three things you really can't complain.

So there you have it, some of my new and favourite products. Has anyone else used or have any of these products? What would you try, also can someone recommend me a great concealer preferably not too expensive.


  1. Great products! I want to try the NARS illuminator...looks beautiful :)

    <3 Sidd

  2. love your blog! really amazing post!


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