Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Not so gorgeous

I'm having a horrible horrible day, I was rushing around this morning to get ready and needed to quickly do my makeup before work but had barely any time so I grabbed the Benefit - Some Kind-a Gorgeous cream to powder foundation which by the way has the strangest smell about it and put it on. I got this product for christmas after my lovely Mum got me a benefit pack from Henri Bendel in New York with the foundation, it also came with 'Bad Gal Lash' and 'Sugar Bomb Blush' both products which I use regularly without any problems.

So back to the story I was at work after just having applied this makeup and my face had been stinging then I realise I have a big red rash all over my face from the foundation it was horrible and the smell is awful. I hate writing bad things about a product and it could simply be my skin reacting to it for no particular reason but I will never use it again. Thinking about it a little later I thought maybe that smell means it's off and that's why I got the rash but I read numerous articles and they all said it had a weird crayon smell so it wasn't that. I have used this product before and it has stung a little but I thought it was just due to dry skin but this time it was out of control. It's such a shame because it really does seem like a great product and was voted in the top five of Elle Magazines 'Worlds best foundations' in 2008. Benefit also always has the most gorgeous packaging and everything else I have of theirs is amazing and always packaged so pretty.

I just want to know has anyone else had similar problems with any other makeup products? Or does anyone know what I could put on to soothe/help my skin from the rash?  Let me know!


  1. Oh no! That's not good.

    I get breakouts from some products, but nothing like that.

    Hope you can get it sorted out quickly!

  2. It seems to be going down I just washed it all off my face and put some vitamin e cream on it but it still stings a bit. Will have to use a really gentle cleanser tonight.

  3. Thank you very much for following me ! I really appreciate it ! I'm gonna of course follow you too (: I love your blog its so fresh and girly <3

  4. That's okay, I love reading your posts! <3

  5. Oh no, thats not good. I haven't tried any products by Benefit before. Aloe Vera always works wonders, you should try it :)

    Love Christine ♥

  6. I have used Benefit's bronzer, blushes, tints with no issues..but have never tried this. Makes me a bit nervous to hear that!

  7. Christine: I will have to try that Aloe Vera trick, my skin is still so dry almost like it was burnt on the top of my cheeks. I've been using an all natural vitamin e and cucumber cream which has been working fairly well. It's good because it has no fragrance and it doesn't irritate. Thanks for the tip lovely <3

    Tracy: I know, I use their blush and mascara every day nearly I think it was just the one product. I was kinda iffy to use the blush after this incident but all seems to be going well let's just say I've changed my foundation hahaha! I want to try a benefit tint are they any good? xx

  8. Thee packaging is so nifty, great review i have quite sensitive skin so will probably be staying away from this one :)


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