Monday, 20 June 2011


Here we go, another outfit post I really don't do enough of these. Anyway this skirt is actually a midi skirt (I have it in black as well) but I wasn't feeling it when I went to go and take the photos so I basically just pulled it up really high and put a plain black t-shirt on and belted it - this is like my favourite belt except the studs are all falling off the front but I don't care I'll wear it anyway.  I am in love with turquoise jewellery and you can always find it set in great rings and necklaces etc, I am wearing a giant moon stone looking turquoise ring which I got from Sportsgirl and the Necklace is Megan's. On to the shoes, these are brand new first time they've been worn. I got them on sale for $30 at City Beach I rarely shop there so I was excited they had something I really liked they're so comfortable, I love them. Now time for some pictures.

Don't even ask what I'm doing with my feet in the third photo because I have no idea!

Black Felt Hat, Temt - $20
Bonds Black T- Shirt, Big W
Black Studded Belt - $20
Pink Pleated Skirt, Ally - $20
Black Mooloola Heels, City Beach - $30
Cross Necklace, Megans
Turquoise Ring, Sportsgirl - $4.95

In other news I am thinking of dying my hair just fully brown again but can't decide if I can let go of the ombre, would love your opinion should it stay or go?
Also has anyone else got any bargains lately, I haven't really bought anything full price lately. Let me know!


  1. You are too gorgeous! Especially loving all the accessories (and the lovely looking weather!)

  2. I like what you did with the skirt! I'm also loving the look great with lighter hair (esp. since it's summer) but if I had to choose between keeping the ombre or going all brown, I'd say go all brown! : )

  3. Super cute outfit, I love the skirt and belt! :-)
    About your hair, then I think both styles will look great on you :-)


  4. Love that belt! Cute outfit:D
    Elle xxx

  5. Imogen: Thank you dear, the weather has been really lovely here surprisingly, but I should prepare myself for the cold. xx

    Lady: I think I am leaning towards going brown now, I want to get some extensions as well xo

    Sofie: Thank-you love, I'm still undecided but I'm thinking brown x

    Elle: Thank-you, it's a huge staple for me, pretty much goes with everything I own <3

    Alba: Thanks me too, so comfy xx

  6. Love this look, those shoes are awesome!!

    <3 <3

  7. Oh I love the pleated skirt! The blush colouring is perfect! Be sure to enter my £100 ASOS giveaway!


  8. Fabulous outfit!!

  9. Those boots are killer! City Beach? Going there now!

    I am hosting an aztec shorts giveaway if you haven't entered yet!
    strawberry freckleface

  10. nice post & skirt! :)
    you can find me at

  11. wow awesome boots and belt!
    loving the hat too x

  12. your blog is adorable! thanks for checking out mine too!! ALSO did you do your ombre/dip-dye hair yourself?! i want the balck dye in my hiar to wash out then diy this look myself...!! xx

  13. That's okay doll, I actually went to a hairdresser who did mine but she would never do it properly I was so tempted just to do it myself because it seems pretty simple and I've seen a couple girls on YouTube do it themselves so you should check that out! I love the ombre look but I was just so sick of it and my hair was so knotty all the time. <3

  14. Omg!!!! I loooooove that outfit sooo is perfect and those heels are awesome... Want them! :@ <3


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