Friday, 15 April 2011

My Weekly Fashion Wishlist

So here is this weeks fashion wishlist, it's a little all over the place. I have really been loving accessories lately like collars, ear cuffs and I have always been a big fan on rings but they always end up breaking or making my fingers a nasty shade of green, does anyone else get this? Moving on I have wanted this Stolen Girlfriends Club dress since I first saw it awhile ago, I especially love the red. It's coming up to my 18th where I am legally allowed to go out and I need something to wear, I love the style stalker dress and the back of too I am really loving all the 60's/70's inspired pieces that are everywhere especially the fluted sleeve dressed very cute. I want so many things it's just a matter of finding them with affordable prices! 
1. Stylestalker Runaways Dress - Nasty Gal
2. Pearl Pointed Collar - ASOS
3. Tangerine Shorts - Topshop
4. Skeleton Ring - Sportsgirl
5. Feather Ear Cuff, I couldn't find the exact one but there is a girl on Etsy who makes lovely ones - Fancy That Accessories Etsy
6. Leopard Moccasins - Sportsgirl
7. Leather Peter Pan Collar - ASOS
8. Stolen Girlfriends Club, Zig Dress- ASOS
9. Chelsea Boot - ASOS

I have put links on this time and all links should go to the actual item.
What's on your wishlist for this week?


  1. Fabulous red dress! Love sbfc!

  2. cool stuff.. I love everything I see at nasty gal.. and those leopard moccasins are awesome! I'm clicking on that link right now.. take care..

  3. love the tangerine shorts! would love to follow your blog, it is fabulous! :)

  4. I know Nasty Gal has some really nice things, Haha I'm not sure if the link goes directly to the item on Sportsgirl but they are in the shoes section. I love them!

    I am also in love with the tangerine shorts just don't know if I'll get them because we're coming into winter, I guess they could be nice with some cool stockings or something. Thank you for following dear <3 xx

  5. Love those shorts the colour is gorgeous.


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