Monday, 11 April 2011

Style Icon #1

I have decided also that I am going to do a weekly celebrity style icon. It will be someone who has been wearing stuff that I like and always looks good (what celebrity doesn't though). This person will be someone who is rocking whatever I like this week and so on.
I've decided to start with someone who's style I've been digging a lot lately,
Kate Bosworth. 

So I think I went a little bit crazy but she has so many good outfits.
Starting top left going clockwise
1. Calvin Klein dress she wore at Fashion Week 2011, it looks so effortless and chic something she is really good at.
2. In Burberry, this is one of my favourites.
3. Jill Sander skirt, for someone who is so tiny looking I have no actual idea of her height she really pulls off the maxi skirt. Love.
4. Her casual looks are great too, she's carrying the Proenza Schouler Satchel
5. The amazing Chloe boots.
6. Another casual outfit, she always looks effortlessly cool.
7. This is probably my favourite outfit, I like that it's a little bit biker.
8. Last but not least Kate in a bright red skirt, she pulls off the bright with the nude sweater so well.

So there it is, my first Style Icon of the week, I know I went a little bit crazy with photos but trust me there was a lot more I could have chosen. These eight photos sum up why she is my Style Icon of the week.


  1. Shes totally my style icon shes awesome!!(I love her outfits) and your blog too!!
    please follow me as I'm an starter :
    I'll definetely follow u back
    maria from spain

  2. Yes, she always looks so great! <3


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