Monday, 18 April 2011

Style Icon #2

This weeks style icon has been popping up everywhere in the magazines I read. She has been wearing some really great things that I see in the magazines and go "ooh that looks good" or "I'd like to wear that" so it was only right that she be this weeks style icon.
Emma Roberts

1. Emma in a nude dress with those amazing silver pumps, I really love the way the fabric sort of sits and waves on this dress and I love love love the shoes.
2. In Chanel, this is probably one of my favourites she looks classy but the feathers still make it young and fresh, I don't think I need to mention my love of those shoes again.
3. I love the bow on the top with the shorts it almost look like a tux, the satin pumps also look great.
4. That blazer is seriously amazing, it's clearly bold enough to be the statement piece and she didn't go overboard with something outrageous on the bottom she kept it very simple.
5. This is probably my favourite look out of all the outfits I've seen her in, this is one of the outfits where I would just look at and think that is great. Those heels are so amazing and the thigh highs and denim really work with them. I seriously wish I could pull off this look but my legs are nothing like hers, I guess we can dream can't we?

I'm hoping to see Emma in some more great outfits, she has definitely been inspiring me lately.
Who is your Style Icon?


  1. she's so cute.. totally a fashion icon on the rise.. cool post.. take care!

  2. I love her style, She's really beautiful :)


  3. Emma Roberts is really fashionable, I love those shoes that she is wearing!

  4. GOTF: I love the Chanel dress too! xx

    LML: I completely agree, I have seen her a lot lately probably because she is in scream 4 that has just come out here. She is great <3

    Claudia: I know, she is isn't she. Thank you for your lovely words xoxo

    Cookie: Every pair of shoes she wears is always great like seriously every photo I would wear every pair of shoes xo


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