Thursday, 12 May 2011

Market HQ

Since I've started loving clothes, I've always loved the brand Minkpink, they are always up there with on trend pieces for reasonably affordable prices. I used to work in a clothing store that was a stockist of Minkpink and I used to get so excited when the new ranges would come in. For a while now I've been checking up on Market HQ where they sell Minkpink and other fantastic brands like Evil Twin etc. I have always wanted a billion things off there when they put the new stuff up but I never seem to have the money then when I go back it's sold out, I guess that's just life! Anyway I was on there this morning and I couldn't help but love so many things that are really on trend and pretty good prices, I think I will be making an order once my funds will allow me to. I've compiled a little wishlist of things that I love, and if you go on there you can't help but notice what a great job their stylists do, they seriously make every outfit look amazing and really on trend. I love how they use hats all the time, I myself am a huge fan of hats and have a pretty good collection.

These are a few of the many outfits that I love, I especially love the two red flowy tops, the camel coloured handkerchief skirt and the flares. This website has some seriously good clothing and if you've never been on you need to check it out, I wish I could have it all.

The clothes are all available from Market HQ

P.S If anyone loves me ;)


  1. I love MINKPINK too.. Luv that maxi skirts are in this winter, I really like the first look of the long sleeved top tucked into the skirt.. and the camel handkerchief skirt is really pretty too.

    Thanks for the MarketHQ link aswell :)

  2. I agree... My wishlist from Market HQ is absolutely endless!


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