Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Style Icon #3

So this weeks style icon is only fitting for what I'm getting up to this week it's:
Katy Perry
I absolutely love her quirky style and think she has a great figure, and not to mention her husband ;)
I have chosen some looks I like but there is so many more I absolutely love all of her on stage costumes.

1. I adore the pink on her, she looks great
2. This dress is amazing, I love the colours in her hair too it makes the outfit her.
3. Grammy Awards, looking fabulous I wish I could have that dress
4. I think she has a few dresses like this, I absolutely love it
5. Only she could pull off wearing that, honestly looks amazing love those pants
6. Her famous blue wig, love the dress too

In other news it is my 18th Birthday tomorrow, I am so excited!
I hope everyone is having a great day, and I hope everyone in Auckland is now safe and dry!

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  1. Happy Birthday for tomorrow! Enjoy the Katy Perry Concert!


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